Date Night (2010)

Phil (Steve Carell) and Claire (Tina Fey) Foster have been married for many years. They work very hard and have two kids. After all these years the excitement of their marriage is starting to disappear. Even their weekly date night is not that special anymore as they go out to eat at the same restaurant and are home again before ten o’clock. When they hear that some close friends of theirs are splitting up, Phil decides to do something different on their date night. They head for Manhattan to eat at a very trendy restaurant, which Claire has been wanting to eat at for ages. When they arrive they find out that the restaurant is so popular that you a reservation has to be made months in advance. Phil does not want to go and decides to pretend he’s someone else when a name of another couple is called and no one responds. While they are enjoying the excellent food they are approached by two men who ask them to step outside as they need something from them. This is the start for a fun (and exciting) comedy

Because of the mistaken identity they can’t go home as the two men are chasing them. They will have to get the thing the men are looking for and end up in very funny situations. My personal favorites were a scene in which the couple return to the restaurant to try to get a phone number and a scene in which they meet a cab driver. Mark Wahlberg (without shirt) is a reason for many of Phil’s jokes (“Why do you need muscles on your shoulders?”).

Date Night was a nice surprise and i enjoyed it quite a lot. Really recommended!

Score: 8

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