Eyeborgs (2009)

What’s the first thought that goes through your mind when you hear the title “Eyeborgs”? For me there were two things:
1. B-movie
2. Associations with the Terminator movies (so some science fiction)
The second point made me decide, despite point 1 to give this movie a chance. My expectations were not very high. The only well-known actor that is part of the cast is Danny Trejo and he’s only in 2 scenes if I remember correctly. Is Eyeborgs a movie worth watching?

Eyeborgs is set in an American society where everything is about security. Of course there is already a lot of extra security using cameras, but in Eyeborgs this is taken to the extreme. All cameras are connected and mobile cameras (little robot) are able to walk around everywhere to keep an eye on what’s happening. These are the Eyeborgs. The question this movie is trying to answer is where freedom and privacy stop and security/too much control begin. Are you still free when your every move is being recorded?

Of course not everything is what it appears to be and it turns out the Eyeborgs can do more than just observe. This results in the classic “man versus machine” scenarios you will have seen before.

It’s obvious that Eyeborgs was not made with a big budget. The sets are simple and the cast mostly unknown. Despite the lack of budget the end result was not as bad as I expected. The special effects actually quite good as well. If you don’t have high expectations of a movie there’s a chance it will not disappoint, this was the case for me with Eyeborgs. I quite enjoyed it.

Score: 7

2 thoughts on “Eyeborgs (2009)

  1. You have to love sci-fi man verses machines that he built that got to smart movies. Adrian Paul actually does a good job in this movie. I have never thought of him as a bad actor, just cast in less then spectacular roles. My girlfriend ahs a huge crush on him though, so she torments me by renting his movies over and over again. Last Tuesday night she tied me up on the sofa and pried my eyelids open with tooth picks to make me watch Highlander the Source with her, I wanted to dry heave through most of the movie. After that though she wanted to tell me about this great sci-fi movie has was in called Eyeborgs. This is the point I started pulling my hair out, so I forgot to look for it until later in the week. The next day I consulted the movie geeks I work with at DISH, if there has ever been a film put to DVD they have seen it. For some odd reason they agreed with her, said the movie was cheesy, but entertaining. Befuddled by this I looked for the movie on my movie channels included with my blockbuster @home and couldn’t find it, but I was able to find it on the DVD by mail side, so I surprised her with it, and it even surprised me a little.

    • 🙂 Sometimes you have to watch movies you don’t like to keep the girlfriend happy….we all have to. It’s worth it though as it is something you share together.

      This movie was entertaining enough although very low budget…

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