Death at a Funeral (2010)

Death at a Funeral is a remake of the english version which was made in 2007. I have not seen the original, so I really can’t compare the two. I did see the trailer of the original and it shows the exact same jokes as the remake. The movie has a many big stars, like Chris Rock, Danny Glover, Martin Lawrence (who I think just isn’t funny), Zoe Saldana, Luke Wilson and Tracy Morgan.

Aaron (Chris Rock) is responsible for making the arrangement for his fathers funeral. The service will be held in his parents house and he has invited family and friends. Because the family doesn’t see each other regularly it leads to some friction (for example about the costs of the funeral and who will pay). The circumstances force them to work together.

Most of the movie has been shot on one location and it could almost be a play. The most important thing about a comedy is, of course, that it’s funny. I had thought it was and I noticed that most laughs are not provided by Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence (who are well-known for their stand up), but by other cast members. Tracy Morgan is hysterical and James Marsden, who spends most of the movie under the influence of some wrong pills, is so weird that you will laugh about it.

I regularly read other reviews and in general they are not very positive about this movie. I enjoyed it however. The humor is over the top (and the acting is as well sometimes), but it had me laughing. It’s not a movie everyone will like though, so my advice is to watch the trailer. If you do not like it then it’s better to skip it.

Score: 8

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