Split Second (1992)

London, an alternative 2008. Global warming has taken its toll and big parts of London have disappeared below the water. Rutger Hauer is Harley Stone, he’s a cop who lost his partner. He has been chasing his partner’s killer for a long while and he can sense when the killer is near. He likes to work alone (but as it usually goes in these type of movies) a new partner assigned to him. Harley doesn’t stop his search. The killer is still out there and when new murders occur they manage to get a lot closer to him. It turns out that the killer is not who they expect.

The sets are functional and the sense that London is being plagued by water has been realised very well. I always like to see how people thought about the future when making a science fiction movie. The movie has been made in 1992 and there was already awareness of global warming. It’s cool to see the vision of 2008, but you definitely see that it’s been made in 1992, especially in one of the first scenes in a club. The music and clothes are typical for the period.

Split Second feels like a bad mix of Blade Runner and Alien, especially when you finally see the killer. The fight at the ending could have been so much better, especially with the ability Harley has to sense the killer.
My expectations were not high, but because Rutger Hauer played in it I did want to see it. Unfortunately the movie still was disappointing.

Score: 4

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