Baseline (2010)

Danny (Freddie Connor) is a bouncer at a club. He likes his work, but is making plans to move up and start his own club. Despite chances to make a quick buck he managed not to follow the darker roads to his goal. When he saves the life of a local ganster it means a change to his own life.
His best friend Paul (Gordon Alexander) is not doing as well. He’s gambling a lot and has a lot of debt. Although he manages to delay payments, he doesn’t have the money to pay up. Danny and Paul both end up in a situation where their friendship, relationship and their own moral values are put to the test. It forces them to make some very difficult decisions

Baseline is a British crime movie which packs a big punch. A lot of violence is shown (as you’d expect from a movie in this genre). Whether it’s interrogating a member of an opposing gang or getting rid of someone, it’s all shown in graphic detail.

The story can be described as pretty standard (some of the plot twists I already expected), but Freddie Connor does an excellent job in pulling you into Danny’s story. He wants to follow the straight and narrow, but it becomes very difficult because of his environment and the people he knows.

Jamie Foreman, who plays mob boss Terry reminded me a lot of Alan Ford in Snatch. He seems to have the exact same aggressive way of doing business and doesn’t take no for an answer.

If you like crime movies you really should give Baseline a chance. I really like the acting, the mood is depressing and there’s enough violence and tension between the characters to keep you entertained for about an hour and a half.

Score: 8

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