Get Him to the Greek (2010)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a comedy which I really liked (I gave it a 9 and have seen it several times). In that movie Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) was the extremely annoying new boyfriend that Sarah was dating, a rocker who just said what he thought. Get Him to the Greek is a Forgetting Sarah Marshall spinoff, focussing on Aldous Snow.
Aaron Green (Jonah Hill, who’s playing a different character as he did in Forgetting Sarah Marshall deed) works at a record company. The sales of Aldous Snow’s music are exteremely low and Aaron suggests to organise a concert by Snow in L.A.’s Greek theater to repeat a succesfull show he had there exactly ten years before to stimulate sales.
His boss, Sergio Roma (a very funny Sean Combs), thinks it’s a great idea and orders Aaron to fly to England to get Aldous Snow and make sure that he travels to L.A. (without any problems) to do the show. Aaron has no idea what he has gotten himself into.

Of course it is not an easy task to escort a rocker. Aldous Snow is back on drugs and Aaron can’t escape using them as well to gain his trust. The result is a couple of funny (and psychedelic) scenes.
Unfortunately the movie doesn’t feel like one big story, but more like a collection of different scenes without a lot to glue them all together. There is enough to laugh about (I really like Aldous Snow telling Lars Ulrich to sue Napster), but unfortunately the movie doesn’t manage to be as good as Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Aldous Snow and Aaron Green end up in many strange situations, but these are not always funny.
The fact that I though Sean Combs was the funniest character in the movie is surprising as he has a supporting role. He really manages to play his role convincingly and is very funny. Would really like to see him in more comedic roles.

Is Get Him to the Greek a comedy which you can’t miss? Well, I can’t really recommend it, but I must admit there are enough things to laugh about. I just thought that it was a disappointing film.

Score: 5

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