The Many Faces of… Samuel L. Jackson

In this new series, “The Many Faces of…” the spotlight will be on one actor/actress and the many roles he/she has played.

First up is Samuel L. Jackson, who I think is one of the coolest actors around. Born in 1948, he’s been acting since 1972 and has currently appeared in 130 movies and TV shows. His breakthrough performance was his role as Jules in Pulp Fiction.

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What is your favorite Samuel L. Jackson role? Which actor/actress would you like to see in the next “The Many Faces of…”?

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20 thoughts on “The Many Faces of… Samuel L. Jackson

  1. I don’t think I can pick one, though he was pretty awesome in the Die Hard movie 🙂
    The only actor I can think to name right now would be Alan Rickman. Looking forward to this series!

    • I liked him in Die Hard as well, holding his own next to Bruce Willis. I was surprised to see that he was in some movies, like for example Goodfellas.

      I will note Alan Rickman down and try to do one for him in the future!

  2. If i had to choose (as there are so many) I would probably go with Black Snake Moan (is that the name?) cos I just love the music and also seeing Ricci in her knickers for the whole film ain’t bad either!!

    • Yes, that’s the name. I have seen that as well and thought he was very good in it. For me it will always be Pulp Fiction (but then again that’s also one of my all time favorites) 🙂

      So you are a big Ricci fan then? Would she be your choice for a next The Many Faces of or are there any others you’d like to see?

  3. I think my favourite role of Jackson’s is Pulp Fiction. Very dark but still comic in that Tarantino way.

    I also love Unbreakable but the role doesn’t necessarily play to Jackson’s strong points. Die Hard III certainly does though – he’s great in that.

  4. Fun to see that several people gravitate to the same roles. He had to hold back in unbreakable because of his weakness, but the way he looked made him stand out.

    Die Hard 3 wouldn’t be the same without him!

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