The Many Faces of… Gary Oldman

Another week, another “The Many Faces of…” installment (each Friday another actor/actrees). This week’s choice is Gary Oldman. Thinking that Samuel L. Jackson had many faces in his movies I was completely stunned by the way Gary Oldman looks in the movies he has done. He truly is a chameleon. Looking at his roles it’s very surprising that he never was nominated for an Oscar. He started his career on the stage doing theatre for which he won several awards. His first movie role was in 1982’s Remembrance. His breakthrough in Hollywood came after he played Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK.

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What is your favorite Gary Oldman role (mine is his role in Leon though, the way he plays this completely crazy cop is very memorable)?

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36 thoughts on “The Many Faces of… Gary Oldman

  1. Agree with @FilmsrRuss Tinker Tailer Soldior Spy is looking very good.

    Really like these weekly images you are posting. Good to see the roles of some big actors as I had forgotten about most of there roles.

  2. One of my favorites to be sure! He can be something different in every role he chooses which I think is rare for actors. Guys like Matthew Mcconaughey could not be able to do what Gary does. He’s a total chameleon.

    • I don’t see Matthew Mcconaguhey doin that. He seems to play about the same rol. Gary is really amazing when it comes to it. A friend of mine called him the British John Malkovich. Don’t know whether that is accurate so I guess I will also have to do a “Many Faces of…” starring him somewhere in the future.

  3. Can you believe this guy doesn’t even have an Oscar nomination yet? Tough to choose my favorite role of his (so many I love), I would probably select his character in Leon.

  4. Can’t understand it either, he’s such an amazing actor! Let’s hope he will get one soon as he deserves it.

    Lot of votes for Leon, which of course is an amazing movie. One of the few I have given a 10/10

  5. Great pick, Nostra, Oldman is such a chameleon it’s fun to find all the different look he’s sporting in various movies! Leon is one of my fave of his roles, I’d also mention Dracula, Beethoven in Immortal Beloved and of course Gordon in Nolan’s Batman films. I hope you don’t mind a bit of plug to my tribute to Oldman a while back: Chat-Worthy Thespian: Gary Oldman

  6. Like Ruth said, Oldman really is a chameleon! I’d have to go for his performance in Leon, too. Other favourites would be Gordon in the Batman series and Drexl in True Romance – just because he looks/sounds so different!

    • It seems that Leon is almost everyone’s favorite, but the cast in that movie really was excellent. Portman also had a very memorable role in it.

      Yeah, I can’t remember much from True Romance, but just the way he looks makes sure that I hadn’t forgotten that character!

      • Leon is a great movie. I remember it as being a good movie and when I watched the other week – the first time in a while – I was not disappointed.

        If you look at Oldman’s roles – great graphic by the way! – you see what a versatile actor he is. What film is it where he’s in the orange hat?

        • Thanks, make sure you also check the other ones I made for Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hanks. Next one this friday is going to be an actress.

          That picture is from Nobody’s Baby…

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  8. So agree with your comment about Gary Oldman being a chameleon. He really gives his characters everything and remains one of the best the west has to offer.

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