The Many Faces of… Tilda Swinton

It’s Friday and you know that this means a new “The Many Faces of…”. Oscar winning actress Tilda Swinton is this week’s choice. She started her career in theatre, but made the move to film in the mid eighties. She received an Oscar for her role in Michael Clayton.

Choosing my favorite role is a bit hard as I must admit I have not seen many of her movies. Looking at the titles though I will go for Michael Clayton as it was such a great movie (she also stood out with her role in Narnia). I will be seeing her new movie We Need to Talk About Kevin in 3 weeks, so after that my choice might be different.

What is your favorite Tilda Swinton role?

13 thoughts on “The Many Faces of… Tilda Swinton

  1. didn’t realize she had been in so many films, honestly! Where is the picture on the bottom, second from the left, from? At first I thought it was Cate Blanchett in Hanna!

    special request: would you do a segment of “The Many Faces Of” for Tom Hardy sometime soon?

    • That picture is of her in Burn After Reading. You are right, she does look a bit like Blanchett in Hanna! 🙂

      I always am willing to do special requests, will have a look into his movies to see what I can find on him….will try to do it!

  2. after my recent list i was shocked at the number of quality films she’d been in, i do think that she only got the oscar because it was a major movie. her less well known work allowed her to put in much more impressive performances.

  3. Great choice! She really is pretty versatile. I first saw her in Narnia but have seen a few other great performances from her in Michael Clayton, Adaptation and Constantine. Her fashion style is a bit weird though, it’s always very dark and shapeless, but it doesn’t matter I suppose, it doesn’t affect her profession as an actress.

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