The Many Faces of… Al Pacino

An overview in pictures of the roles of actor Al Pacino in most of his movies

Pacino was born in 1940 and grew up in the Bronx. He dropped out of school at 17 and did a lot of small jobs to finance something he wanted to do, acting. He joined the Herbert Berghof Studio where he learned a lot from Charlie Laughton. With his experience there he applied to the Actors Studio and was admitted. He did some plays before making the jump to movies.

The first film he appeared in was Me, Natalie in 1969, with only a small role. He got noticed and his big breakthrough came when he played Michael Corleone in The Godfather (which was only his third movie role), which got him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He later received other Oscar nominations for his roles in Dick Tracy, …And Justice for All, Glengarry Glen Ross, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon and Scent of a Woman. It was for his role in the last movie he received the statue.

An overview of the roles of actor Al Pacino

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So how do you pick out your favorite role when there are so many amazing ones to choose from, he was great in the Godfather and Scarface, but I always liked his performance in Carlito’s Way of the gangster wanting to get out of the game, but being pulled back in.

What’s your favorite Al Pacino role?

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20 thoughts on “The Many Faces of… Al Pacino

  1. I think one of my fave roles is from The Insider w/ Russell Crowe, both of them are just superb. Another one is Heat, it remains one of my all time fave action thrillers ever! He’s also fabulous in Scent of a Woman and super creepy in Devil’s Advocate.

    • Although I’ve seen it I remember nothing about The Insider even though it’s such a highly praised film. Heat is also great. I don’t think I’ve seen the other two (I’m ashamed to admit ;))

  2. Hi, Nostra and company:

    Pacino was high in the stratosphere in his early roles in ‘The Panic in Needle Park’, ‘Serpico’ and ‘The Godfather’ series. I really enjoyed his Big Boy Capri in ‘Dick Tracy’ and his roles in ‘Scent of a Woman’, ‘Heat’ and ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’.

    His ‘Looking for Richard’ is a surprisingly tidy documentary on Pacino’s production of ‘Richard III’ in Central Park. Very well detailed and worth the time to seek out.

  3. Got to be Dog Day Afternoon, love that film! But also Godfather, particularly part 1. Always wanted to see Panic in Needle Park and The Insider. He’s gotten pretty boring these days.

  4. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I still get a kick out of his role as Tony Montana. And The Godfather and Dog Day Afternoon, of course.

  5. Great article!

    Dude! You aren’t allowed to ask a question like that…far far too hard to answer LOL!! I thought your De Niro question was bad… ok here goes 🙂

    Hands down, The Godfather films. Yes, all 3 of them! Regardless of the quality or where they sit in the pantheon of films, the characterisation of Michael Corleone is just perfect!

    Followed by Dog Day Afternoon, Heat, Donnie Brasco, Scent of a Woman, Any Given Sunday, and Carlito’s Way!

    • Thanks Russel. I won’t be asking the question in the future anymore 😉

      So you basically summed up half of his movies 🙂 But I guess because it is Pacino that you are allowed to do so.

      • hahahaha! Yeah you’re right…..looking back on it I DID name half of his films LOL!

        Well I just think that they’re all awesome and he’s brilliant in most of the films he’s in.

        I’m a fan 🙂

  6. A great choice here on Friday Faces! Al Pacino has been in some great roles. (he’s had some dubious choices mind you, but I still like him). I don’t really have a favorite choice though, so I guess I’ll have to go with The Godfather.

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