My Filmviews Movie Products Blogathon

Movie Products Blogathon

No Monday Question this week, instead a whole lot of questions! In movie history there are these products everyone would like to get their hands on and try them out. Well, now is your chance by joining the movie products blogathon.

Which movie would you find in your own Pulp Fiction briefcase?

They say you always want the things you can’t get and in this case it is true as I would love to watch the documentary “Breath Control: The History of the Human Beat Box”. It came out in 2002 and was only shown at festivals. There was talk of a DVD of it coming out, but it didn’t materialise because of clearing issues related to the music used. I don’t beatbox myself but am a big fan of the music and seeing beatbox legends like Doug E. Fresh and Biz Markie talking about what made them famous is something I will not be able to see. So if I opened the briefcase this is what would be in it and it wouldn’t even matter if the film was good or bad.

If you had a Back to the Future DeLorean, which movie related time period would you travel?
I’d be tempted to go to the silent era, just because so much of those movies (an estimated 80%) were lost and can never been seen again (even one that earned an Oscar), but I don’t know for sure if I’d enjoy it. Instead I would love to go to a time period just before the television was introduced and cinemas would be everywhere and very popular. Just reading about the history of cinemas in my own city (Rotterdam) it’s sad to see how many have disappeared. Watching movies like Cinema Paradiso makes me long for that experience.

If you woke up tomorrow morning and found out that you were living your own Groundhog Day and could only escape it by watching all the movies from a specific genre, which genre would you choose and why? And which genre would be your personal hell?

Now there are a lot of genres out there with documentaries being the most varied. I was going to pick it, but then realised it’s probably the biggest one there is as there are so many out there. It would be either action or science fiction, but since the science fiction genre would have more variation I’d choose that.
My personal hell would definitely be horror movies. I don’t watch them as I can’t really enjoy the experience, but having to watch all of them ever made would be something I’d want to escape.

You have the Neuralyzer from Men in Black in your pocket. Which movie would you travel into to use it on one of the characters to change the movie in a fun or interesting way and what would happen because of the change you made?

Now this might be very cruel, but I’d go into Back to the Future just after Marty has parked his car. After the flash he can’t remember where he parked it and spends a lot of time trying to find it. Someone else finds the car, but since he doesn’t have the keys it is towed and ends up into a government facility where it is investigated. Somehow Marty finds out and has to admit he’s from the future to enter the facility and get the car back.

If you would be able to enter the dreams of a famous movie character like Cobb did in Inception using the dream machine, which character’s dreams would you jump into to get to know that character better and what do you think their dreamworld would look like?

I’d probably go into the mind of a character that isn’t able to speak (no, not the horse from War Horse!) to find out more about them and was thinking about an alien since their dreams and experiences are probably very different. I’d be interested to know more about E.T. because we really don’t know much about him/her except for wanting to go home and help others. I’d like to see the world he lives on and what his goals in life are. I have no idea what he would be dreaming about though which would make it even more exciting to see.

Lacuna Inc, the company from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind just opened on the corner of your street. Which one movie memory would you delete to experience it for the first time again?

There are tons of movies I’d like to experience for the first time again (really all of the My Filmviews tens), but being able to only choose one I’d have the memory of Old Boy removed, just to experience that first time shock to the fullest again.

Right next to Lacuna Inc, another company Rekall from Total Recall has opened as well. Which character in which movie would you like to be to experience it in first person?

With so many great characters to choose from this is a hard one to choose from. A while ago I did the “Which movie character would you want to be for a day?” article and those are all things I’d be interested in, but today I feel like picking a very simple one and that’s Jesse from Before Sunrise. We all know that thrill of getting to know someone and falling in love and it would be an enjoyable night strolling through the streets of Vienna.

Please post your links to your own Movie Products blogathon answers and I’ll add them here!

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  3. Nice… I’d love to see that version of Back to the Future. Maybe Hollywood should forget remaking movies and start re-inventing them with warped stories like you suggested. I’d erase Ed Norton’s memory at the end of Fight Club and just let Tyler Durden keep running riot until Project Mayhem became a fascist army crushing all resistance.

  4. AWESOME!!

    I am loving this blogathon. I wish I had the knowledge, talent and time to get involved. Well done for organising it matey

    I would love to experience Old Boy again too, that or Incendies

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  8. Excellent question, Nostra! I will get my thinking cap on and post something soon.

    I recently bought Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, and I’m now even more excited to watch them (for the first time) knowing that you’d like to step into Jesse’s shoes.

    • I should get one of those thinking caps too, my stuff would be even better 😉

      Ooooohhhh, a first time watcher of Before Sunrise and Sunset, I really envy you! Great movies to experience for the first time!

  9. Great blogathon, Nostra! I like your answer to question #1, and I also would like to go back and see Oldboy for the first time. I did not see that twist coming!

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