Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (2009)

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt review

It’s been a while since I saw a Michael Douglas movie I enjoyed. A while ago a DVD store near me had a big sale and going through stack and stacks of DVDs trying to find my personal treasures I found Beyond a Resonable Doubt. The cover looked cool, it had Michael Douglas in it and it seemed to be a courtroom drama. Worth seeing right?

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt review

Watching it however quickly changed my feelings about it. First of all Douglas only appears in a few scenes. The story focuses on C.J.Nicholas (played by Jesse Metcalfe who I never heard of), a reporter who knows for sure that the district attorney (played by Douglas) is winning cases because he’s tampering with evidence. In order to prove this he has an ingenious plan of waiting for a murder to happen, try to get as much information he can from the detective who is investigating it and then buying all the items which the killer has used, documenting it all and then be caught. During the trial he can then show the footage and expose the district attorney. This was such a ridiculous plot that it was really hard to take this movie seriously. Of course Douglas gets help of a corrupt cop who manages to get the right information every time to be able to be at right place to prevent C.J. to succeed.

So this movie already lost me before the end, although I did decide to see all of it as I did want to be able to form a complete opinion about it. Then in the last couple of minutes there was an unnecessary and one extremely weird twist which really had me shaking my head in disgust and take even more points of the score. A dissapointing movie which I won’t recommend to anyone.

Score: 3

6 thoughts on “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (2009)

  1. This is one of few films that I can confidently say “my life would have been better without ever seeing that. Plain and simple” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Seriously though, I absolutely hated this. 0/10 from me ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good review Nostra!

  2. I haven’t seen a Michael Douglas movie in so long but I generally like the guy. Well, I might skip this one though, I wasn’t all that interested to begin with.

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