The Monday Question: Company!

As a movie blogger I watch a lot of movies each year and I mostly do so alone. Most of my movie watching is done on the go (on the way to work and home), so I generally don’t share the experience with others. Of course I love it when you are in a crowded cinema and you have a shared experience, but to be honest I don’t think that happens often and really would be perfectly fine in an empty theater. Now today’s question is:
When it comes to watching movies do you do so mostly alone or with others?

When at home I do watch movies together with the rest of the family (or friends) as well and enjoy talking about them with others. It sometimes adds to your enjoyment of it (for example I remember watching Thor at home that the excitement others had really was infectious). There are several movies I’ve seen alone for the first time and rewatched together with others to find out if it would have the same impact. Watching something for the second time also frees you as you already know the story and don’t need to pay as much attention to it. Interested to know your answers!

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  1. I watch most of my films with Lyn (my wife). At home she has the knack of talking about the film all the way through. Which as you know has become a bit of a pain, as I am trying to get lost in the story. At the cinema she has to be quiet so the experience is always a little better. I also do quite a bit of cinema visits on my own… press screenings and such…. which I found hard at first, but I have got used to it.

    At the end of the day I am lucky to have a partner who enjoys watching film so I should be thankful, even if she wants to talk through out it!!

    • Sorry for the late reactions on all comments, but have been away all weekend (have been to Brussels and Antwerp) and on Monday I became ill. Luckily a lot of sleeping yesterday and today did the trick).

      Hahaha, I remember you complaining about her talking through movies before. I’ll have to dedicate another Monday question to it to hear more about it from others!
      Indeed should be thankful for such a great wife who also enjoys it so much!

  2. I used to watch a lot of films at the cinema on my own. Mostly because I didn’t have anyone nearby who liked the films I did and well, I’d rather see the film myself than totally miss out on it because I felt like a Billy-no-mates.

    These days, it’s much the same. More times I’m out with friends or family who have the same appreciation for film as I do.

    At home, as I live alone, I mostly watch films on my own. It’s nice. I get to absorb it all in peace and quiet and just enjoy what I’m watching.

    • I don’t mind going with friends, but since most of them have families of their own it becomes much harder to plan something. And since I can’t go as often as I would like to I go whenever I can whether or not someone can come along.

      Nice to hear that you enjoy watching movies alone as well Jaina. I do quite a bit of that on my day off when the rest of the family (except the baby) are in school or at work…

  3. I watch movies alone at home because my father has different taste and I only live with my father now.

    In the cinema, I always try to find friends to come with me

  4. I mostly watch my films alone, be they on my laptop, in my room late at night or in the lounge when i’m alone in the house, but I try to watch films with my brothers or with mates. And about 85% of the time, I go to the cinema with friends.

  5. Mostly with my fiancee. She puts up with most films but ever since Wolf Creek, she won’t watch horror with me anymore so I have to watch them alone. Love the cinema experience as long as it isn’t Slough on a Friday night. Seriously something about this cinema. The people won’t shut up!

  6. In the cinemas I mostly go with my boyfriend or sometimes with my sister. But at home with DVD mostly alone. Sometimes I carefully pick the movies, as I don’t want my company to sleep or get bored

    • Do you feel pressure in picking a good movie they will also enjoy? It’s always a balancing act I think as you do want them to experience something they haven’t heard of yet, but at the same time not to far out of their comfort zone…

      • I guess, yeah, that’s true! My boyfriend tend to go with my pick, but if he gets bored or sleepy I feel a bit guilty haha.. So sometimes I do have to balance the movie pick, but I once said no to a movie about war and stuff ^^ For my sister we always pick flick chic, watched Twilight with her. We loved to mock them, but it’s fun πŸ™‚

  7. Mostly alone. Sometimes I can persuade my husband to join me to the cinema or for a DVD, but mostly I’m on my own. That’s why I need to blog to have an outlet and people to discuss with afterwards!

    • Well Jessica, you are lucky there are so many people out there to talk about movies then! So your husband is not a fan of movies then? My girlfriend does like to watch them occasionally, but isn’t as crazy about them as I am.

  8. I generally prefer to watch movies with others, as it helps keep me focused with less distractions, and it is always fun to discuss them afterward. I don’t have a problem with watching on my own, though.

  9. I always have company when I go to the cinema but at home it varies. My boyfriend and I are watching quite a few things together at the moment, like the Bond series. When he works at the weekends I watch quite a few films, normally the ones that I know he won’t like!

    PS Nostra I’m following your tradition of going to the cinema on your birthday. It’s mine on 12th March and I’m going to (finally) see The Artist at my local independent πŸ˜€

  10. Great question, Nostra! For me, it depends on the movie. If it’s more of a romance or drama, or classic movies, then I like to watch ’em alone. Mostly because my hubby doesn’t like to watch those, but for action adventures or superhero stuff, I like to watch with him or with friends. Of course there’s always exceptions.

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