The Moviesite Spotlight: Time Well Spent

Welcome to a new edition of the Moviesite Spotlight. For those who wonder what this is:

Every week I read a lot of great movie related blogs and I thought it was time to give the ones I visit regularly a chance to shine in the spotlight, by interviewing its writers.

This week’s interview is with Jaina, writer of Time Well Spent.

What’s the history of your site, why did you start it?
Back in January 2010 I was embarking on my first year round photography project as well as doing my, now, annual 100 movie a year film challenge. I started the blog as a way to collect together both of those things and document them for the year. While also blogging about random things I saw around the place that I wanted to share. I’ve been blogging on and off for a very long time. It had been a few years since I had my own public blog and started missing having one again. So, TWS was born.

What makes your movie blog different from the other ones out there?
Well, my blog’s a personal blog. I blog about pretty much anything I feel like sharing. Photography, film, TV. But all of it is from my own personal view. I’m no critic, but enjoy sharing things with the wider world.

What do enjoy most about your site and what is the reason you keep doing it?
Think it’s the same answer for both of the parts to this question. I’ve really enjoyed getting together with other bloggers, whether they’re fellow personal bloggers, photographers or film bloggers. Mostly film bloggers! There’s a great sense of community within the film blogging circle and it’s an open and ever increasing circle. The visitors who keep coming back make me keep on blogging. I’ve also found it’s a great release. I love a good rant, as some of my visitors will attest to!

In which ways has your blogging changed the way you watch movies?
The knowledge that I have to write something vaguely coherent about the film I’m watching has certainly made me pay more attention to what I’m watching! Like I said before, I’m no critic, but I think I’ve gained a bit more of a critical eye when it comes to film just because I’ve increased the number and types of film I’m watching. Broadened my horizons, so to speak.

What’s your favorite article you have written?

I wrote a guest post for Fogs’ Movie Reviews I really enjoyed writing it and the feedback I got from it brought near tears to my eyes!

Could you name five of your all time favorite movies?
This is tricky for me as it tends to change depending on the mood I’m in.


The Lion King

Back to the Future


Jurassic Park

How many movies do you watch on average each week?
Probably a maximum of 5. It’s not a lot but I have an addiction to a ridiculous number of TV shows so every week day evening I’m playing catch up with whatever TV I’ve missed out on. So the weekends are my movie days. I haven’t been able to choose a medium I love more, so I try and split my time between both of them.

Do you own any movie related items that you are very proud of?
I’ve got a couple of posters of the film Serenity signed by the entire cast and, director, Joss Whedon. Sadly, it’s rolled up in a poster tube but I still love it. I don’t own much movie memorabilia sadly.

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?
Film wise? My obsession with film scores is quite ridiculous. They’re always one of the first things I notice when watching a film. About Time Well Spent? Come by for a visit! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “The Moviesite Spotlight: Time Well Spent

  1. Great spotlight, Nostra! Jaina’s really cool, and I love the variety of posts over at Time Well Spent. I also just realized our blogs share the same acronym, which is pretty awesome as well. πŸ˜€

  2. Hooray! Jaina’s page is the spotlight this week! Another fantastic choice!

    I enjoy spending my time at Time Well Spent for the views on film, the photography, and the general enjoyment of her sharing things with us. We both have fantastic German Shepherd dogs as well.

    love the fact that she also takes the time to appreciate a good score in movies! I hope she reaches her goal of 100 movies this year!

  3. You know? She’s STILL getting comments on that guest piece. LOL.

    The pingback from this piece showed up in the recent comments widget, which led someone to check the thread, and leave a comment. LOL. Crazy popular.

    Cheers for Jaina. Between this and her new Lamb status her blog’s been getting a bunch of attention these past couple days. She deserves it, she’s a great blogger and really supports everyone else’s blogs, so it’s good to see the good karma coming back to her! πŸ˜€

    Good choice Nostra!

  4. Hi, Jaina and company:

    Cool looking site!

    Well thought out and executed write ups and topics that are a bit eclectic.

    I’m not all that computer/tech savvy and was mightily impressed.

    Think we have a winner here!

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