The Monday Question: Sequel!

Every year lots of movies are made and a big part of them are sequels. You might think that it’s a lazy way to just earn some extra cash, but I personally don’t think it is. It takes time to write a new script and all the people involved are (at least I hope there are) all trying to get a good movie out there. Nobody makes bad movies on purpose. Plus there are enough examples where sequels can be as good as the original movies (or even better). Just look at Star Wars, Toy Story, Indiana Jones (ok, maybe not the last one), Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings, Terminator 2, The Godfather 2 and Aliens.

So let’s say you are running a studio and you could create a sequel (or prequel) to any movie you choose. Which movie would you pick and why?

It’s a question I found quite hard to answer. What’s the reason you want to see a sequel? It’s usually a specific reason and for me I think it’s seeing more of the chracters I care about. Taking that thought to make my decision I would love to see:

A third movie in the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset (don’t know what it would be called though) series. Now this is a movie that will probably get made as the people involved have been talking about it. It’s one I would see as soon as I could. The characters in these movies feel real and talk like you and I would. So I’d immediately greenlight it.

I’d thought it would also be interesting to think of an old movie with a sequel (with the same characters) and I’d pick Witness for the Prosecution for that. Of course it would have to be with the original actors. Charles Laughton was so entertaining in his role as a brilliant lawyer (constantly in battle with his nurse) that I’d love to see him tackle other cases.

One of the great science fiction movies of the last few years in my opinion. I’d love to find out what would happen after the end of the movie and see if the aliens would rise up.

So let’s say you are running a studio and you could create a sequel (or prequel) to any movie you choose. Which movie would you pick and why?

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  1. Good call on District 9. They HAVE to make a sequel to that! I desperately want a sequel to Team America. Doesn’t need one, I just want one. I’d also like Danny Boyle to make this sequel to Trainspotting that has been written.

    • I wouldn’t mind a sequel to Team America, as it really was hilarious. Seen it a couple of times. Was there any news on what part 2 of Trainspotting would be about?

    • No problem Scott…I usually got the whole weekend to think of an answer. I probably would be the same if I had to answer it on Monday morning 😉

  2. I’m totally with you on a sequel to Before Sunset. That’s probably the only sequel I desperately want to see happen. There have been talks about it over the years, and I just hope that Delpy’s plans to focus on her own directing and cut down on acting doesn’t put a stop to it.

    As for what it should be called, I’m thinking Before Sunday. Maybe have it play out over a few days of time, thus once again switching the timeframe a bit – Sunrise was an entire night, Sunset less than 1 and a half hour.

  3. Very good call on District 9. It’s the kind of film where I wouldn’t mind a prequel or sequel. To see what the “prawns” were running from in the first place. Sequel would be equally as great – see what happened to poor Wikus.

    I’m impatiently awaiting a sequel for The Incredibles. It’s one of my favourite Pixar films, and I know they want to do a proper good sequel, rather than rush one out. Just another adventure for the Parr family.

    I know it wasn’t a great film as such, but I enjoyed Salt. I’d be interested to see where it went after the end. Like The Incredibles, Salt feels like a starting point. For something to develop.

    Oh and random one – Trollhunter – more trolls please!

    • A lot of fans of District 9. It would be interesting to know why the “prawns” ended up here, could be very exciting. An Incredibles sequel would be good too. Pixar has shown they can do great sequels (well, except Cars 2).

      I really enjoyed Salt as well and wouldn’t mind seeing more!

      Have not seen Trollhunter, so can’t comment on that one!

  4. I’d love to see a sequel to Before Sunset, so great call on that one. I can re-watch both of those films, which is saying a lot since it’s mostly just talking.

    For me, the biggest one would be a sequel to Serenity. I just love the Firefly characters, so getting to spend another few hours with them would be a wonderful thing.

    • It’s been too long since I rewatched them myself, so I guess it’s time for a revisit!

      I never watched Firefly so the movie did not do a lot for me, but I know the love it got from the fans.

      Btw, heard your name pop up on the Matineecast when they were talking about documentaries 🙂

  5. It’s really hard to pick because so many of my favorites would be marred by prequels/sequels. I would like to see more entries in the Alien and/or Alien vs. Predator series, though. The movies don’t need to stupid to make money, I think with the right script we could recapture some of the magic of the comics.

    • Yeah, thinking about it makes you realise that making one can really affect your opinion about an original, it is a difficult decision (if you don’t consider money). Well, there will be Prometheus, which I’ve got high hopes for!

  6. Interesting post, as I’ve been contemplating my thoughts on sequels a lot recently. Starting tomorrow, it’s a topic I’ll be pondering for a whole week on my site.

    As for what I’d like to see; hrrm, who knows. It mostly comes down to wanting to see characters I love on screen again. Like, what would Jerry Maguire be up to now? How are Juno and Bleeker doing? Stuff like that.

    • Nice, will definitely be reading. Subscribed by mail yesterday 🙂

      Yeah, but I then ask myself the question whether or not I’d really like to know what these characters are doing. I wonder if it’s better to just leave it up to our imagination because whatever sequel that will get made it’s hard to be the same to everyones expectations.

    • Black Swan is my all time favorite so I got mixed feelings about a prequel. I’ve got the feeling it would be very similar since Beth also seems like a very unbalanced individual.

  7. I definitely would love to see a sequel to District 9, which may or may not be in the works after Blomkamp finishes up Elysium. In any event, I’d personally love to see a sequel for Boogie Nights. Considering the cast of colorful characters and the porn business changing over the last 30 years, I’d be interested to see where Paul Thomas Anderson would take us.

    • It’s been way too long since I saw Boogie Nights, so can’t remember much about it. Sure the business has changed a lot moving away from film to internet.

  8. Oooh, great question Nostra! I’d pick D-9 as well and fortunately there IS a sequel on the way called ‘Elysium.’ Part of me wants to see a sequel to Dear Frankie (if you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean), but then again, perhaps it’s best to leave it be.

    • That’s the sequel? Hadn’t heard about it (but then again, you know that I don’t read too much about upcoming movies). Have not seen Dear Frankie, but reading the summary on IMDB it’s probably not something I’d enjoy watching…

  9. That’s such an easy question to answer, you probably already know what I’m going to say. Another Master & Commander movie with Weir, Crowe, and Bettany all on board ( haha, get it?) It’s really the only sequel I dream about.

  10. The sequel I want to see is Zombieland. Always thought there was more in that “world” than one film covered with some brilliant characters. Thought it would be better continued as a cartoon or comic series though. To be honest, most films that I want to see more of are actually getting sequels.

    • Although I was very late to the party I must say I really enjoyed that film, despite the gore. A sequel would be interesting if they would manage to make it as funny.

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