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Another Friday, another installment of “The Many Faces of…”, this week with actress Naomi Watts. She grew up in the UK and moved to Australia at the age of 14, together with her mother and brother. She had acting lessons and went to high school where she was classmates with Nicole Kidman. She didn’t graduate and had different jobs, even trying modelling, after which she found her way into acting. She appeared in commercials and TV series and started acting in movies. She’s starred in movies like The Ring, Mulholland Dr., King Kong.

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For my favorite role I’m just going to go with my favorite movie she has been in and that’s 21 Grams.

What’s your favorite Naomi Watts role?

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  1. Naomi Watts is one of those actors who never really stand out in my memories. I can never picture her when I hear her name. I’ll be like: “Naomi Watts? Well, she’s… blonde… and she’s… I dunno…”. That’s not to say that she’s not a good actress, because she is. It’s just that she doesn’t quite have anything truly special about her, I guess.

    As for my favorite Watts role, I’d probably go with The Ring or Eastern Promises. That answer comes with the disclaimer that I really should rewatch Mulholland Drive one of these days, as I don’t remember much of her performance in that one. I have a feeling she might have been great in it.

    Loving these montages, Nostra. Keep up the good work!

    • Yeah, I can understand that feeling and kind of feel the same. She doesn’t stand out.

      Nice to hear you are still enjoying them Emil, still planning to keep them coming each week.

  2. I had almost forgotten she existed. It’s been a lon while since she has been in a movie I wanted to see. 21 Grams was epic in it’s sadness. Also loved her in Mulholland Drive and will have to check out J. Edgar.

    • Saw J.Edgar a while ago and thought it was really disappointing. Watts didn’t have a very big part in it, it was mostly about DiCaprio (which is logical of course ;))

  3. Naomi is awesome and delivered my all time favorite work by actress in Mulholland Dr, though sometimes she delivers really lazy performances like in International and Le Divorce.

  4. Naomi Watts is my second favorite current actress, right behind Marion Cotillard. I absolutely love her, and posts like this.

    Favorite Watts role? Wow, tough. Loved her in Mulholland Dr. (where the hell was her Oscar nom?), We Don’t Live Here Anymore, Painted Veil, Funny Games, Eastern Promises, Elle Parker – love them all. But her 21 Grams performance is something I’ve never been able to shake. It nails me. Everytime.

  5. I like Naomi, I think she’s a better actress compared to her BFF Nicole Kidman. I think my fave role of hers is The Painted Veil, though I like her in King Kong as well.

  6. Obviously, it’s “Mulholland Dr.” but I would also cite performances in films like “Eastern Promises”, “I Heart Huckabee’s” (anything where she’s in a bonnet or having chocolate in her mouth just makes her more attractive), “21 Grams”, “Ellie Parker”, and “King Kong” as prime examples. I can’t believe there’s no picture of her in “Person Unknown” with Joe Mantegna and Kelly Lynch. Very underrated and under-seen film. I totally recommend it. And I had a total crush on her when I first saw her in “Tank Girl”.

  7. I’m not a big fan of hers. She’s a “meh” actress for me personally. I don’t despise her, I just won’t run out and see anything just because she is in it though. I’d prob say I like her most in The Ring.

  8. Mutton dressed as lamb – what do i refer this to, every public event its attended j edgar premiere and most recently glamour awards, what the hell was she doing at this anyway. She needs to retire. Horrible. Hopeless actress as well any beginner could’ve done it better.

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