The Lost Cinemas of Rotterdam: Lumière

My journey through cinema history continues this week with cinema Lumière. It was located on the crossing of the Lijnbaan and Kruiskade. It opened its doors on the 27th of january 1955 and was renovated in 1974, with 3 screening rooms (a total of 1279 seats). In 1988 it again was changed and another screening room was added.

The Pirates of the Carribean was the last movie that played at this cinema and it closed its doors in 2003. It’s the cinema I probably visited most often when I was growing up as I usually visited it with friends on Saturday nights. I remember that during the breaks it was always extremely busy at the concession stand.

A look into the past:

“Fantasie, illusie en betovering, herinneringen aan Rotterdamse bioscopen” by Herman Romer
“Over stalles, Rotterdam en het witte doek en parket” by Henk Berg
Gemeentearchief Rotterdam

3 thoughts on “The Lost Cinemas of Rotterdam: Lumière

  1. I wish if you ever get time you do a round-up of all the independent, small cinemas in Amsterdam since that is a city that is more frequented by me. But I think Holland besides being such a small country is full of so many surprises that I am always discovering new things about it even though I have been visiting it yearly for nearly a decade.

    • Well, since I live very close to Rotterdam and grew up in it, it was something I was really interested in doing. Took quite a lot of time to make all of the entries (and still have to write some posts for others I did). I probably visit Amsterdam once a year, so I don’t really know the place and would have a hard time doing an Amsterdam one.

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