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Another Friday and if you are a regular visitor you know what that means, a new installment in “The Many Faces of…”. This week’s choice is an actor who I will watch in almost any movie he is in. He has only been acting since 1998, but already has 35 titles to his name (3 in production).

Statham was born in 1967 in Shirebrook, UK and grew up with football player Vinnie Jones and played for his school. Unlike other actors and actresses that have appeared here he did not seem to act from a young age. He actually had a passion for diving. He worked so hard on it that he was part of the national team for 12 years. Because that didn’t earn much he worked the street corners selling perfume and jewelry. He left his high diving career behind him and became a model for French Connection. He came into contact with Guy Ritchie who cast him in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and through the years he has become known as an action star, appearing in the Transporter and Crank series and among action star giants like Stallone and Jet Li.

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Now you could joke that he always plays the same role, but it’s something that does work for him. My favorite role is probably the character Chev Chelios in the over the top Crank movies.

What’s your favorite Jason Statham role?

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34 thoughts on “The Many Faces of… Jason Statham

  1. I saw the title of this post and went “YES!”. I’m a big fan of Statham. There is no better pure action star these days. My favorite role of his would have to be Chelios in Crank. There’s a scene early on in that film where an entire gang points their guns at him, and he just gives them this awesome annoyed/confused look as if to say “Why are you even bothering? Fuck off!”. Wonderful stuff. Honorable mention goes to his role in Snatch, where he’s at his comedic best.

    This collection of images also reminds me that he looks weird without his trademark hairstyle.

    • Happy to see that reaction! Like you say he is the current pure action star at the moment, others branch out a lot into comedy and other types of movie. He definitely looks weird with hair 😉

  2. I didn’t think I’d see Jason Statham popping up here! I cannot get enough of him though. I am a huge fan of him and I didn’t have a clue about his past as a diver so reading that was very interesting.
    The appealing thing about Jason Statham, for me, is that he is the last real action hero left in my opinion. Yes, Stallone and Willis and what not are still acting but they’re getting too old to carry it off now whereas Statham proves his worth as an action star time and time again. I really like the Transporter trilogy, The Mechanic, the first Crank (not so much the second) and every other film I have seen him in. So glad to see him here!

    • Why not? I’ve also featured Schwarzengger in the past. I can’t get enough of him either, he’s just fun to watch. Glad to see you enjoy seeing him here!

  3. Snatch is the moment he stepped into the limelight and still the best film he’s been in in my opinion. Great double act with Stephen Graham too. He seems perfectly fitted to all this macho action stuff but haven’t seen him in a really decent action film yet. Not one that sticks in the memory and will be an all time action classic anyway.

    • Well, it’s the movie where he had a fairly serious role, so I can understand that. It’s probably his best movie, but not the role I enjoy the most.

  4. Statham is very much the 2000s answer to the 1980s action stars, though I would say he is more Van Damme than Stallone.

    My favourites are probably his performances in the Crank films – they’re a hoot!

  5. Hi, Nostra and company:

    Stratham is always entertaining and intriguing in a scruffy, unshaven sort of way. His best role is Turkish in ‘Snatch’. And I kind of agree with Claire. Though Stratham strikes me as today’s answer to an early and lean Steven Seagal. With better moves and a sense of humor as displayed in the ‘Crank’ series.

    • Hi Jack, nice to see you pop up here again 🙂
      Well, I don’t know about the better moves. In the first two or three Seagal movies he had some pretty kick ass fights. Statham does have more humor though!

  6. Ahah, interesting choice as I had just been watching one of Guy Ritchie’s movie Rocknrolla. He pretty much discovered Statham. I like him only in The Transporter though, I think he’s like Kristen Stewart in that he doesn’t have much expression.

    • I didn’t like Rocknrolla much, but Ritchie is responsible for discovering him. He pretty much has the same expression in everything he’s in, but I personally don’t mind that 🙂

  7. Jason’s not a great actor by any stretch, but he’s found his role and he does well in it. He’s got a name for himself and you’ve got to admire him for being able to do that.

  8. I honestly haven’t seen too much from Statham, but I have enjoyed his work with Guy Ritchie. I should probably check out some of the Crank movies to see what all the fuss is about.

  9. I find Jason Statham to be the most exciting, entertaining, sexy, talented, sharply dressed man I have ever had the pleasure of laying my part British(as well as many othe nationalities)eyes on.

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  11. I know a lot of people don’t like his films, but I feel he is one of the few true Action Heroes of recent time. I usually like his films for lack of a strong story, great action, and occasional brilliant one-liners. I also liked Death Race remake that he is in quite a bit along with Blitz but the latter more so for the villain.

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  14. I really love jason he is such a good actor and the accent is soooo sexy!!He does a really good job with the action stuff and its just amzaing!!

  15. When i see first time jasan’s movie which is cool action movie Transporter ..I just became a big fan of him ..and specially his short hair cut.. I’m fallowing his hairstyle also;-)

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