The Ten: Best of All Time “relay races” *UPDATE*

I’m happy to see that all the various relay races are still going strong. It shows that the world of movie blogging is an amazing one with many great writers. I’ve decided to group all the updates together in one post, so find out after jump which changes having been made to the directors, actresses and actor relay races.

best directors top 10

Even though this one only started last week it already has gone through 7 changes, find out what has happened to directors like Tarantino, Spielberg and Scorcese on these blogs:

Moviesite Spotlight Southern Vision

Unfortunately there wasn’t an update to this relay race, so I’ve asked the current holder of the baton to assign it to someone else (when assigned there’s a maximum of 7 days to do your update to the relay race).

The actor list has changed, check it out here:

9 thoughts on “The Ten: Best of All Time “relay races” *UPDATE*

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  2. Hi Nostra! I think the Actors relay race is actually further along. Steve Honeywell from 1001 Plus took it on early last week, and then I followed later last week. I passed it along to Max from Impassionedcinema on Thursday. It’s rolling!

    • Yeah, I checked it out yesterday and must have skipped over the post at 1001 Plus, thanks for mentioning it. Will update this post to reflect that!

    • Hahaha, I laugh every time I read your “Go team Batman”. He’s going strong still 😉

      Thanks a lot T, really appreciate that. I really enjoy them and it’s great to see other bloggers do so too!

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