Mirror Mirror (2012)


It always amazes me that studios always bring out the same type of movies around the same time. If one type of movie is succesful other studios try to bring out something similar. This year it seems to be time for the fairytale movies based on Snow white. Tarsem Singh (The Fall, Immortals) was the first movie to appear and him being known for his unique visual style I was really looking forward to seeing it.

Tarsem Singh has really impressed me with the visual style of his movies. The Cell, The Fall and Immortals looked stunning and a big part of this was the collaboration with costume designer Eiko Ishioka. Unfortunately she passed away at the beginning of the year. Mirror Mirror is the last collaboration with Singh and again the costumes are amazing and Tarsem frames everything the way you expect him to. Fairytales seem to be the perfect fit for his style.

Mirror Mirror takes the original fairytale and adds its own little changes making it a unique experience. The evil queen is played Julia Roberts, who really has a lot of fun in the role. The movie is filled with jokes, which some might find a bit silly, but it was the type of humour I really enjoy. It’s a succesfull retelling that looks and feels like a true fairytale.

Score: 8

15 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror (2012)

  1. I was so excited when they said Tarsem Singh was going to be doing Snow White. Though as the project wore on… I got less and less excited. Don’t really have much inclination to see this despite yours and other’s fairly positive reviews.

    It’s fairytale season, what with 2 Snow White films, 1 Snow White/Fairytale esque TV show, 1 Beauty & the Beast TV show and 2 Beauty and the Beast films coming up. Oh and not forgetting Hansel and Gretel with Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton. Fairytales are apparently in!

  2. Wow, a positive review! That one actually makes me want to watch it, even if only to compare how it looks next to recent Snow White film.

  3. I don’t know. This looked ridiculously childish and totally not my thing when I saw the trailers. I doubt I will check this out despite your positive review.

    • I have to admit that it is very silly and will appeal to kids, but I could really enjoy that. If you didn’t like the trailer, you wouldn’t like the movie I guess…

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    • It was very over the top, which as is clear from your comment, is not something everyone will enjoy. I did like it, but can understand your score.

  5. I enjoyed this as well, Nostra. A bit surprised. I think if I’m still a kid I’ll love it more. I agree with the costumes, they are exquisite. Lily Collins is a far better Snow White than K-Stew. But I was a bit surprised with the song she sang in the end, a bit bollywood-ish and when I read the director’s name, I understood

    • I still want to watch this with the kids. I think they will love it though. I liked that closing song a lot, just because it sounded exactly like a Bollywood song, but with English lyrics.

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