Safe (2012)

When it comes to Jason Statham movies, you pretty much know what to expect. He’s known for looking angry, kicking ass and looking cool, no matter the situation he is in. If you don’t like the guy in one movie chances are pretty big you won’t like other movies he is in. I pretty much watch anything he is in (although I skipped that Uwe Boll movie). So what’s safe like?

The story revolves around a little girl who’s extremely talented when it comes to calculations and numbers. She can look at them and almost immediately remember them. It doesn’t take long for a criminal organisation to spot her talent as well and they kidnap her and bring her to the US, where she helps calculating the income of illegal casinos and other illegal activities. My guess is that they don’t want a paper trail of anything, but this setup was a bit strange. The girl is used to remember one long number after which the paper it was on is burned and she’s the only one who knows it. When she is transported to a location the car gets attacked by Russians who want to have the girl and the number.

Meanwhile Statham’s character is a cage fighter who was supposed to go down in a match but didn’t and is now target for the Russians as well, who tell him they will kill anyone he becomes friendly with. It will be no surprise that the paths of the girl and Statham cross while they try to stay out of the hands of the various groups looking for them.

Statham does what he does best here, but I think there just weren’t enough action scenes to keep me hooked for the full lenght. The relationship between the girl and Statham kind of works, but never seems important enough and it doesn’t have much depth. If you are a fan of Statham you will probably enjoy it although I do think it is one of his weakers movies.

Score: 6

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    • I expected a bit more of it I guess. You are right about The Raid and that, dear sir, is what every action movie should be. It has been a long time since a movie made me smile and curse in joy for the things they did.

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