The Monday Question – 24 hours!

Going through some old posts I came across an old one I did about 24 hours of movie watching and which movies I’d choose to see. Since writing it I would probably change a couple of movies (have seen the Elmo and Tribe Called Quest documentaries) I’m very interested in seeing your choices, so this week’s question is:

If you had to watch movies for 24 hours non-stop, what would be your choices?

Now I don’t mind if you take your time and post the answer on your own blog (and turn this into a blogathon as Scott suggested originally). Which ones would you love to spend a whole day with?

23 thoughts on “The Monday Question – 24 hours!

  1. Boy oh boy, I don’t think I actually COULD watch movies for 24 hrs, ahah. But just for the sake of an argument, I’d probably find non-scary movies of various genres as to not get bored with just one type of movies. So it’d consist of my favorites like Sense & Sensibility, BBC’s North & South miniseries (it’s already 4 hrs long, ahah), Die Hard 3, Roman Holiday, The Gods Must Be Crazy, Ben Hur, Phantom of the Opera, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, and probably a few episodes of some BBC TV. I think that should make for a fun 24 hours of watching movies!

    • I probably couldn’t do it either, but it’s all about the dream of being able to do so. Have seen all the movies you mentioned (except for Phantom and you might like my Roman Holiday review that I put up ;)), so that would be quite an enjoyable movie marathon. Although I would skip those miniseries 🙂

  2. I’d start with an LOTR extended edition marathon, that’s about 13 hours done. Then I might got for the Back to the Future trilogy (6 ish hours). Then I might go back to back with two of my world cinema favourites City of God and La Haine. That’s got to be very close to 24 hours. Or I’d just watch lots of one directors work like Scorsese or Fincher or Woody Allen.

    • Boy, how could I forget LOTR!! I still haven’t devoured the Blu-ray set so yeah Pete, that’s half of 24 hrs done already, brilliant! 😀

    • Very smart move with those trilogies! I wouldn’t mind that either. Having rewatched the Back to the Future movies recently I enjoyed them as much as I remembered.

  3. I haven’t done a 24 hours marathon in years… But I did do quite a few “back in my days”:
    I remember once watching a whole season of the X-Files, some other time me and a friend of mine did a Spielberg marathon from all sorts of classics from the 70s and 80s mainly: we choose movies he directed but also the ones he only produced. The result was a pretty impressive marathon: the 3 Indiana Jones, ET, the 3 back to the Future, The Goonies, Gremlins, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Young Sherlock Holmes, Explorers, Innerspace.

    More recently we did a couple the first few season from TV series “24”: every saturday we would do one! Nothing more appropriate! Absolutely gripping, so much so that nobody could bail out, even in the last few hours (though arguably those season are “only” around 18 hours or so once you put all the episodes together).

  4. Ooo, this would be brilliant. You know, watching the three extended cuts of LOTR would take care of half of the 24 hours, so they’re in.

    After that, it’d be more of my favourites – Gladiator, The Matrix, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception, Romeo + Juliet (to change things up a little).

  5. When I was 15, my best friend and I decided to beat the Guinness Record of consecutive movie-watching. At the time, I believe the record was 27 hours in a row. We made it to 31. I wish I would’ve kept the list of movies we watched, but Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, Taxi Driver, Casino, were definitely in the mix. Ah, youth.

    Great question!

  6. You know it would not be movies for me, but I always wanted to watch 24 over 24 hours. Once I manages 16 hours (or maybe 18) but that would have been nice. I don’t think with the amount of variety that each film has I could sit through them for 24 hours. Maximum would be watching a franchise back to back.

  7. Great question Nostra. A tough one to answer as I’m sure my choices would change from day to day but I’d have to include some of my all time favourites. Maybe some films set over one day – Before Sunrise/Sunset, Into The Night, After Hours…

    …I’d have to watch the Alien 1 to 3 also. Love ’em.

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