The Monday Question: Space!

Having seen Prometheus fairly recently, I started thinking about all the space missions I’ve seen in movies and I came to a pretty grim conclusion: They usually don’t end well for those on it. It made me think about something and I’d be very interested in knowing your answers:
If you had to go on a space journey, which movie spacecraft crew would you join?

Thinking of the space journeys that went ok (knowing I might survive), I’d probably go with the USS Enterprise of Star Trek fame. Thing is though that I would know that as unimportant character in the story there would probably still be a big chance I would not make it. It might be one of the safest choices though. What would you do? Would you choose for a bigger risk and more thrills?

If you had to go on a space journey, which movie spacecraft crew would you join?

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    • I never thought about it like that, but it is the most luxurious ship in any movie I guess. More like an ocean liner πŸ˜‰

      Fogs, can you send me an email (, so I can send you the questions for the Moviesite Spotlight feature I asked you about some weeks ago?

  1. It never became a movie but I’d have loved to take a trip with the crew of the British TV series Red Dwarf. Or the crew of that dog ship thing in Spaceballs.

  2. I’d join Prometheus crew – they may get slaughtered by the crew is so good looking I’d die with a smile on my face after spending time in confined space with Fass, Elba and Theron πŸ™‚

  3. Reckon mine would have to be the crew of the Serenity from the film Serenity and TV show Firefly. I love a rag tag crew. Especially one where one crew member can kill you with her brain πŸ˜‰

  4. No doubt I have to go with Serenity and the crew of that Firefly ship. I can’t imagine having more fun adventures with anyone else. (wasn’t copying you Jaina honest, I’ve just been watching Firefly a lot recently!).

  5. I’d join the Battlestar Galactica crew, I mean hell-o Apollo πŸ˜€ I also like his dad, Bill Adama, and there are tons of interesting characters to keep me entertained in space, ahah.

  6. I’m stuck between Star Trek: Next Generation and the Millennuim Falcon. I also considered the Nebercanezzer (sp?) from The Matrix because downloading karate and gun training to your mind would be a pretty cool perk. Not sure it counts as space though.

  7. Hi, Nostra and company:

    I’d have to take a shot at borrowing the TARDIS. Or Rocky Jones: Space Ranger’s Orbit Jet.
    Still the coolest looking classic 1950s space ship ever.

  8. I’ll be predictable. Star Trek’s Enterprise. I don’t know: an old or new one. I watched original films (but not series) and the re-make, and it’s cool all around.

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