Sound of Noise (2010)


Music is a big part of movies and is used to enhance the feelings you have about something that’s happening. When it’s done well you might not even notice it is there. It’s something that happens a lot to me and when I read other reviews commenting how great the music was I often don’t remember any. Sound of Noise is a Swedish movie where you will not forget it easily as music is what this movie is about. To be more specific, it’s about terrorist musicians (and is not what you might think it is reading that).

The opening scene (which I’ve added below) sets the tone for the rest of the movie. It shows a van driving to a thunderous drum beat, which you are shown is actually a guy in the back of the van playing it. The driver uses the car to add to that beat. I was immediately sold and the movie keeps offering things like this. A group of drummers wants to give the greatest performance they can and use specific places in the city to make their music. The instruments they use though are not drums, but anything that can make a sound. Whether that’s a patient who is about to have surgery or powerlines, it really doesn’t matter. They are chased by a tone deaf cop, who tries to catch them before they are able to cause panic with one of their next performances. Those performances are a lot of fun to watch.

Sound of Noise is a weird movie, but a very charming one. It really is about the music and feels like it has been made for musicians to enjoy, but really anyone else will as well. It’s funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It could have been a concept that would get boring if stretched out too much, but it works. So if you are looking for a quirky movie unlike anything you’ve seen before, you should definitely check this one out.

Score: 8

Opening scene of the movie:

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