The Visitor (2007)


After my review of yesterday’s Sound of Noise I just happened to watch another movie which has a strong link to music. Yesterday’s movie was a lot more light-hearted than this one though as the music is just one small part of the story.

Walter (Richard Jenkins) is a college professor who is desperately trying to learn the piano. He already has had several teachers, but it doesn’t come easy to him. One of his teachers even tells him that he probably doesn’t have talent for it. He’s busy writing a book about economics and gives some lectures at school. When one of his colleagues can’t go to a conference in New York to present a paper he co-wrote he is reluctantly goes. He has had an apartment there for years, but almost never stays there and get a big shock when he finds out a young couple in staying in his apartment. They threaten to call the police, but as he explains he owns the place they pack their bags and decide to leave. Sensing that the two might have some troubles he decides to offer them a place to stay.
He gets to know Tarek (Haaz Sleiman), who comes from Syria and makes his money playing the drums and Zainab (Danai Gurira) from Senegal. When the couple run into trouble he cares a lot about them and is willing to do a lot to help them.

This is a movie with a very strong cast. Jenkins carries the movie and manages to show that a lot is going on in his character’s head, but that he doesn’t allow that to come out. The meeting with the young couple has a profound effect on him and slowly makes him change. Well worth checking out if you like complex characters, an emotional story and a great depiction of passion and love for others.

Score: 9

16 thoughts on “The Visitor (2007)

  1. I love this film. Jenkins is amazing, and it tells such an important story. I thought it was criminally unseen when it came out. Great to see it getting some attention.

  2. I really liked this movie, especially the cast. Richard Jenkins is terrific, especially in scenes where he is struggling through awkward situations or conveying emotions in a subtle way. I’m glad you enjoyed this film, too. πŸ™‚

  3. I saw this a while ago, I agree the cast is VERY good, Jenkins carried the movie but the supporting cast are wonderful as well, esp. Haaz Sleiman as Tarek, sooo charismatic. What a delightful and touching film with great music to boot!

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