The Monday Question: No Movies!

It won’t come as a big surprise that as a movie blogger movies are a big part of my life. I probably average close to one movie a day and spent lots of time reading and writing about them. Which made me wonder what my life would be like if there were no movies. I’m sure I would have another hobby I would spend lots of time on.

So this week’s question:
What would you do with your time if there were no movies?

Moviewatching is the only thing I enjoy as I do have other interests. I enjoy playing the piano, gaming and cooking and would probably spend more time on those. I’m the kind of person that needs a hobby I can put a lot of energy into. Instead of movie watching I’d probably be gaming more and instead of blogging about movies I guess I would be creating music.

What would you do with your time if there were no movies?

17 thoughts on “The Monday Question: No Movies!

  1. I would find solace in TV shows (assuming they haven’t disappeared with movies!). I just finished a marathon of a random series I found in 2 days…good thing I’m on holidays and have spare time! But apart from TV I’d probably read more, play piano more, study more (thanks very much uni…) haha. It’s hard to imagine a world without film!

  2. Great question! It’s a pretty unbearable thought. I hope cameras still exist. If there were no movies then I’d invent them by making them. I’d make documentaries about everything around me and maybe some super low-budget action films where I get to do all the silly stunts! Oh and I’d read a hell of a lot more books!

  3. I’d probably spend time watching all those TV series that I keep hearing about but never check out. Or maybe I’d devote more time to books.

  4. I would probably fill the time with catching up with TV. Old/past shows I never saw, like Friday Night Lights, and the sort. Gaming too. Reading. Gardening. Sunday afternoons I usually watch a film, but if there were no movies, I’d probably spend that Sunday afternoon in the garden.

  5. No movies?? Well then I’ll catch up on TV watching… or blogging, ahah. There are actually a bunch of stuff I could do, I’d like to go back to my reading, too.

  6. Hi, all:

    Not much of a gamer. I’d spend time catching up on classic Tome Wolfe, Ross Thomas, Joe Gores as many David Drake’s ‘Hammers’ Slammers’ stories as I could. Then I’d work on my poems, Haikus and short stories.

  7. TV shows are my second love. I’m in a constant struggle between my next film to watch or finishing a tv series I’ve started. I would still be on my sofa though.

  8. It’s been a while since I last visited your blog 🙂

    If there is no movie, I can still live on through books…I always enjoy books as much as movies

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