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It’s been a while since the last spotlight, but I recently ran into Alec’s Movie Reviews. Alec is still very young, but if you look at his site and the movies he loves you wouldn’t be able to tell. So enough reason to get to know Alec a bit better.

What’s the history of your site, why did you start it?
I have had it up for about six months. These six months have been busy for me so I haven’t been able to get out as many reviews as I wanted. But soon that will change. I just love movies, plain and simple. Then, gradually, I started to realize I loved to write as well. So I was 15 (now 16) and I decided to do it on a whim at midnight one night. My blog has changed a lot through the course of these six months. Better theme, layout, reviews, pages, and styles. I still might tweak a few small things. For now though, I am happy with it.

What makes your movie blog different from the other ones out there?
This is an important question. Why should people check out and come back to see my blog? Well I offer good thoughtful and informative reviews of newer releases. I also have a Buy, Rent, or Skip page that I want more people to see. This is where I review older movies, the reviews themselves are paragraph reviews as well. I am going to also add a new page. It’s called Movie Talk. This is where I write about any movie related subject. So look out for something like that to come up soon. I try to add a certain style to my blog that is just me. I think what I have to offer is a unique one. Hope everyone else agrees.

What do enjoy most about your site and what is the reason you keep doing it?
I enjoy running it. That was an understatement, I love running it. It’s my passion to become a film critic some day. I will never stop my blog no matter what though, I have a deep connection with film that cannot be severed.

In which ways has your blogging changed the way you watch movies?
Honestly, I would look and watch them the same before. Starting at age 13 my movie eye was always different from kids my age. Even before my blog I started writing reviews on Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes. I would also read every review Roger Ebert review that came out. Before 13 though I viewed them just like any normal kid for the most part. Something just snapped in my head on my 13 birthday I guess.

What’s your favorite article you have written?
My favorite at the moment is my latest post, Goon. It’s hard to explain why, but after I read it over I just knew it somehow. Hope everyone else enjoys it.

Could you name five of your all time favorite movies?
As much as I love movies it’s hard for me to give a limited favorite list. I second guess my choices, but I am happy with this top five now. Yes, these are not the biggest classics. I have some of those, but not in my top five. I find some of these movies though to be highly underrated. I want to stay true to myself with these picks, so without further ado, here.

25th Hour

No Country For Old Men

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Revolutionary Road

How many movies do you watch on average each week?
A lot! Unfortunately, like I said, I have been busy so haven’t been able to get out as many reviews super fast. Also like I said, this will change very soon. I actually do something for my process of writing. When I am starting a review, I will put on a movie or at times a movie soundtrack in the background. Some people might say it’s distracting, some movies are, but a good amount aren’t for me. For some wired reason it seems to enhance my thought at times. For example, one of the main movies I’ll put on for background is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (I still do see it normally too). Any other movie out of my top five I don’t do that with. Certain ones just work. The Garden State soundtracks is one I listen too often.

Do you own any movie related items that you are very proud of?
I don’t own any movie related items. I have never been fond of getting something like that. To boot – since you saw my top five movie list – it’s hard to find objects from movies like that. I do however own a lot of movies. I believe I own around 250. My birthday was on June 30, so I actually finally got Revolutionary Road in my collection.

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?
Well, my home is in San Antonio Texas. But I spend most of my time at the moment in Shenzhen China. My dad and mom work out there. At the moment we are closing on our home visit, so we are preparing to go back. It’s a really cool place and more modern than some people might expect. Other random facts… I have a nine year old brother, I am six feet tall and projected to grow a bit more, plus I’m a fan of basketball.

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