Plan C. (2012)

Being Dutch you might expect that I must watch quite a lot Dutch movies, but that’s really not the case. It’s difficult to explain why I don’t, but somehow I don’t feel compelled to check most of them out. Lately though there seemed to be a couple of crime related movies which I did find interesting to check out. Black Out was one of them and the mob series Penoza was another one. When I saw this movie, dealing with a corrupt cop I decided to give it a chance and find out if this would be any good.

Ruben van der Meer (who in The Netherlands is well-known for his comedy) plays a cop, Ronald Plasmeyer, who has gotten into a lot of trouble. He has a gambling debt he isn’t able to pay and when his son is threatened he has to find a way to quickly get the money to pay it off. Since he’s not making much by doing his work and is unlucky when playing cards he has a plan to rob a poker tournament he’s part of. He decides he needs someone else to perform the robbery and asks a friend of him, Gerrit (RenĂ© van ‘t Hof), who brings along Bram (Ton Cas). Of course the plan turns out a bit different and it’s up to the cop to solve it all.

The movie really is a dark tragic comedy filled with interesting characters. Ruben van der Meer’s role is a more serious one you’d expect from him and he does a great job. My favorite character though was Bram. Ton Cas manages to depict a completely crazy and unpredictable character who steals the show. A criminal that has to have bathroom breaks all the time and is not afraid of waving a gun around. Has has the best dialog, especially when he keeps repeating to the other guys that they don’t have to start acting like they are the man now. Plan C is a movie I thoroughly enjoyed, more than I initially expected.

Score: 7

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