Interview (2007)

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Sienna Miller and Steve Buscemi star in this remake of the 2003 dutch movie with the same name, made by director Theo Van Gogh (who was murdered in 2004). I have not seen the original, but since I am a big fan of Buscemi I was interested to see what this movie was like (which he also directed).

Interview is about a political journalist, Pierre Peders (Buscemi), who has been assigned to interview Katya, a hot blonde who is constantly being followed by photographers and who everyone gossips about. Pierre really isn’t interested in writing a fluff piece about her newest movie and when the two meet to do the interview that becomes very clear. Despite the two parting ways they meet each other again and what follows is a conversation between the two. It’s an interview which is memorable as both of them are not to afraid speak their mind and sometimes clashing. Their conversation almost feels like a game of chess with either of them sometimes telling personal things which might not be completely true.

It’s a low-budget movie which is only set on a couple of locations, but it really didn’t matter to me. These are sharp conversation between two characters and knowing what original director Theo van Gogh was like in his interviews it’s clear to see his involvement in the dialog. The conversations can be vicious which makes you want to find out what happens next. The movie also has a few subtle moments where it references the original and the actress who played Katya originally (Katja Schuurman) has a small cameo towards the end. If you enjoy movies because of the dialog then this is one you should give a look.

Score: 8

4 thoughts on “Interview (2007)

  1. I love this movie, and the dialogue is one of the film’s strong points. Sienna Miller would actually be my runner-up for Best Actress that year, just behind Marion Cotillard.

  2. I’ve been double minded about watching this film as I’ve heard both positive and negative things about it. But since our views usually match I’ll give it a shot soon. Cheers

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