The Many Faces of… 50 actors & actresses

Last week was the 50th installment of “The Many Faces of…”. For those who don’t know the series, it’s a weekly post on Friday where I make an overview of all the roles of a specific actor or actress.

As I’m currently taking a small break (to enjoy a well deserved holiday) I thought it would be a nice moment to create an overview of the 50 actors and actresses I’ve looked at during the past 50 weeks. Each picture links to the installment of that specific actor/actress. I hope it eases the “pain” of not having a new entry and I hope you enjoy it!

An overview in pictures of the roles of actor Al Pacino in most of his movies Overview of the roles Leonardo DiCaprio played
The Many Faces of... Kate Winslet
Woody Harrelson The Many Faces of Daniel Day-Lewis
Many Faces of
The Many Faces of... Philip Seymour Hoffman

Overview of the roles of actress Cate Blanchett

Overview of the roles of actress Cate Blanchett

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    • Yeah, you may if you want to, but as you’ve been visiting for a long time I will make one of those especially for you, keep your eye out for the next installment!

  1. Novroz :

    Hehehe…I was just kidding, if I too write something this special about Cillian, I want it to be in my blog ;)

    But I look forward to what you write on my favorite actor :)

    That’s a shame Novroz, was looking forward to expertly written piece about him from you…

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