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Hello my dear readers, after enjoying two weeks of vacation I’m slowly getting back to my blogging. Hope you enjoyed the posts I had scheduled during that time. The picture you see above is not a new picture of the set of the Hobbit, but one of three locations I stayed at with my family the past two weeks. We decided to do a roadtrip to Norway and it was amazing. The first two days were mostly spent travelling (we took the boat from Kiel (Germany) to Goeteborg (Sweden) and then drove all the way to the vicinity of Lillehammer where we had our first apartment.

I read in the booklet that no cinemascreen would be able to capture the stunning views Norway has to offer and that was really true as these pictures show:

During those two weeks I hardly watched movies (only The Hunger Games and Frequency (so expect review of those soon)). I almost went to the cinema (the one below which looked stunning from the outside, but decided I would enjoy doing other things way more.

Yesterday was birthday and for those interested I am now 37. Always treat myself to a cinema visit and this year I went to see The Expendables 2, while the kids went to see Madagascar 3. I enjoyed this sequel more than I did the first one.

I’m going to need a few days to get everything back to normal again (had over 700 mails in my inbox and lots of comments I have not come around yet to reading), so please be patient.

So how was summer holiday? Anything that stood out for you?

19 thoughts on “Back from holiday…

  1. Firstly – Happy Birthday!

    Secondly – those photos are stunning! Just gorgeous. I can only wonder how amazing those views looked like in person. You did a great job at capturing them.

    Must have been a fantastic drive up there too. I love driving holidays. The scenery must have been stunning!

    Ahh The Expendables 2 – I really enjoyed it. But then, I enjoyed the first one too! Looking forward to reading your review.

    • Thanks a lot Jaina! Also for the compliment on the photos, the views were indeed much more impressive in real life. The view in Bergen especially, one of the most stunning views I’ve ever seen. The drives were quite long, but they were stunning though, constantly driving on roads with lots of twists and turns and amazing scenery provided by the fjords…

      I didn’t enjoy the first one as much as I hoped, but this one made me smile a lot…

  2. Great to have you back. Looks like you had a glorious vacation. Love the pictures. My wife and I made our first visit to Europe this summer and later took our kids to some amusement parks & baseball games. It was a wonderful summer. Anxious to get your takes on some of the movies you were able to see.

    Welcome back!

    • Glad to be back…I was wondering about all the comments during my holidays, but two weeks without internet felt very good! Don’t worry, the reviews are coming!

  3. Norway is stunning. Every time I’m there I ask myself what on Earth brings international tourists go to Sweden. Norway is so superior, visually.

    I guess that would be the cost level then. My experience is that Norway is ridiculously expensive. Last time I was there we bought all the food we needed to be covered for a few days in Sweden before crossing the border, Cooking our own. Eating at restaurants in Norway or even buying it in food stores was out of the question.

    • Yeah Jessica, it is very stunning indeed! We drove through Sweden and the part we saw couldn’t compare to the views in Sweden when driving.

      Yeah, Norway is a very expensive place although for a holiday I didn’t mind the prices too much. We cooked ourselves almost every day and prices seemed to be 1.5 times more expensive compared to the Netherlands.

  4. Happy Birthday Nostra!! Hey we are the same age šŸ™‚ Those are gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing, glad to hear you had a nice vacation. Hey, you saw Frequency? I have the DVD of that still sitting on the counter waiting to be watched. Hope you enjoyed that one.

    • So you are 37 too…cool! Thanks for the compliment on the pictures. Yeah, saw Frequency again and you should check it out as soon as you can…it’s such a great movie (my review is up today)

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