No Mercy (2010)

I love it when I come across a movie list of a specific genre and see movies I never heard of. A couple of weeks ago I read one about Korean movies and had seen all of them except this one. It’s a movie that I hadn’t heard of at all, so I was very interested to check it out and had high hopes when I started watching this crime movie.

The movie initially didn’t win me over as it felt a bit like a CSI episode. A body is found and within the first half hour the killer is found. It’s the runup to a thrilling story though, because after that first 30 minutes the movie really starts. The killer has confessed the murder and the coroner who has examined the body, so it seems like a clear case. But the killer has a surprise in store for the coroner, as he has kidnapped his daughter and will kill her if he doesn’t get him out of there. From that moment on this movie knows how to keep the story interesting with various twists and turns and an ending you won’t be able to forget.

This is the only movie which Hyoung-Jun Kim has currently written and directed, but I hope he will make others as this movie managed to win me over completely as time progressed. I therefore highly recommend it if you are looking for another great Korean thriller.

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  1. recently i saw this movie and find it quite interesting. Though i cannot fathom the fact that, when the dismembered body was found , why can’t the pathologist found out that the main torso of the body and the other parts are not of the same person (it is implied that the main torso is that of his daughter while the other parts are that of the other dead girl) .does their blood group or the DNA matched with each other?? How can he miss that ??

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