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It’s time to finally return to the normal schedule of things again, which means we start the week with a question to get those brain cells fired up again. This week I was thinking about the way we watch movies. Of course the perfect way to see them would be in the cinema on the big screen, but since there are no on demand cinemas where you can just go watch any movie you’d like you will have to settle seeing it on another much smaller screen. This week’s question is:

Do you think the format in which you watch a movie can change your appreciation/score of it?

If I look at myself I do most of my movie watching on my phone. You might be shocked to read that, but since family life is very demanding with 3 kids the moment I have time to watch most of them is on my way to and from work in the train. It allows me to almost see a movie a day. Now you might think such a small screen (I have a Nokia N8) might mean I won’t be able to enjoy movies as much, but this is not the case. Since you hold the screen fairly close to your face the experience isn’t that much different. Plus not all movies need a big screen to be appreciated. There are some movies though which I will rewatch at home on my plasma with proper surround. I usually don’t watch the summer blockbuster action movies on my phone, because those movies need a bigger screen to be fully enjoyed. In general though I can say with confidence that seeing movies on my phone does not change my appreciation or score of them.

Do you think the format in which you watch a movie can change your appreciation/score of it?

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  1. Im double minded about it. For the same reasons as yours I watch most of my “old” films on an iPad. Obviously the DVD are in my home theatre. I’m actually okay with either but for certain movies the big screen means a whole extra level of fun.

    What does bother me sometimes is the formats of the film ie widescreen or full screen. Sometimes widescreen annoys me

    • I never ran into that issue of widescreen versus full screen (expect for older dvds). It’s annoying when you can’t watch it in its original format.

  2. I see all of my non-theater movies on my computer…I have become a bit of a widescreen snob, though. I’m always sad when I accidentally buy fullscreen versions of films. I feel like I’m missing out on the original vision of the film.

  3. I’ve watched a few films on my phone and don’t see an issue with it, but, as you said, it depends on the film. I think if the film is good enough it’ll capture you enough to make you forget what you’re watching it on. I do prefer watching stuff on Blu-ray than DVD now though too, providing it’s done well, but again I’m not overly fussy if the film is good enough.

  4. I’ve watched on my iPod before and it really wasn’t that bad. Like you said it was basically right in front of my face and I had headphones on.

    In college I mostly watched movies on my laptop over using the tv. It was more convenient and comfortable.

    I think it mostly gets down to being comfortable while watching.

    • I can imagine that. I remember watching that on my plasma instead of my phone and it’s one I gave a 10. Can only imagine what seeing it on the big screen would look like.

  5. The big screen is where film’s should ideally be viewed but personally I’ll watch them anywhere. I’ve used my phone on a regular basis and have to say, it’s not that bad at all.

    • I agree with that, but like you say it’s not that bad. I am planning on getting a Nexus 7 tablet for those train journeys, so I have a slightly bigger screen.

        • No official date available yet, but it looks it will be available here on Monday. Probably will get a Portenzo case for it…they look awesome and I have something similar for my iPad


  6. Most definitely – I have seen several movies with bad streaming conversions that simply don’t hold my attention, even though I know I like the film. Also, I just saw Jaws in theaters and that was simply incredible, despite how often I’ve seen that film.

    • Yeah, if it’s a bad stream that can have a big impact indeed. I won’t watch things like that as it does ruin a film. Hope I will be able to see Jaws on a big screen

  7. Yes but only slightly and only with some movies! The main thing I’ve noticed is to never watch dodgy pirate copies anymore. I admit in the past when on holiday, I’ve snapped up a couple of dodgy dvd’s and every time I completely regret it!

  8. I am shocked! Shocked by your phone comment! But hey, if it means you get to watch a film a day, more power to you.

    I definitely think the format you watch a film on changes your opinion. There have been countless films that I thought I enjoyed loads and loved when I saw them on the big screen. But then months later seeing the film on the TV… just didn’t have the same effect.

  9. Well, bringing a laptop each day is not viable and this isn’t as bad as it sounds!

    I haven’t had that happen to me that I didn’t like a movie which I saw on the big screen…

  10. I think an opinion on a film can definitely change based on the format. I probably wouldn’t enjoy most summer blockbusters nearly as much if I didn’t see them in the theater with a large group of people. At home, the difference isn’t as drastic, but it sure is nice to see things on Blu-ray instead of regular DVD/streaming.

    • I honestly am not bothered seeing movies in an empty theater…the crowds over here really are quite silent in general, so it wouldn’t be a big difference…

  11. When viewing in less than ideal viewing conditions, the quality of the story and acting performances will become more apparent.

    For movies i already like: some I will only watch on a decent screen; some I will watch anywhere. For movies I haven’t seen but am keen to see, I’ll try to view it for the first time on a decent screen; for the rest, I’ll give it a go anywhere based on plot and see what happens!

    • That’s a nice way to put it, hadn’t thought about it like that. If it’s good on the small screen, it must be great on the big screen 😉

      I do have the distinction for action movies…have to see those on a bigger screen.

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