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During my holidays in Norway I had two weeks where I was disconnected from everything. So I didn’t watch that many movies, couldn’t read the latest news and didn’t have an internet connection. I realised during that time that I really didn’t miss it all that much (well, except for watching movies of course). That disconnect seems to have had an effect on me as I currently don’t feel the need to blog as strongly as I did before. I enjoy doing it, but if I don’t for a couple of days I’m fine with that as well. I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon (maybe I’ll write a bit less), but it made me wonder:

Do you ever think about taking a break/stop blogging?

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  1. I haven’t been in much of a blogging frenzy lately. A large part of it is the hectic nature of the last month and a half – owing to vacation and moving to a new apartment – but even now I find it hard to get back into the swing of things. Fortunately, I’ve said from the word go on my blog that there is no set update schedule, so I don’t feel too bad about dropping down to say two posts in a month for a while. I know that the blog is always there if the urge to write seizes me. Still, I have noticed a distinct drop in comments since this recent mini-hiatus. Which is fair.

  2. Definitely. I haven’t seriously considered taking an extended break, but there are times every few weeks where it starts to get overwhelming. I put a lot of effort into a certain post and then start wondering if it’s worth the time. When I start to get discouraged, that’s typically when I get a really nice comment or have a great experience on a podcast. It’s the experiences interacting with other bloggers and film fans that make it worth it. Doing a movie blog can be tricky because it’s generally a pretty solo experience. It’s not the same as some other pursuits that involve going out and meeting people directly. I still really enjoy the writing part of it, but getting motivated to watch a long movie and write about it sometimes gets tougher.

    • I can imagine, your writing is always excellent, but I can imagine it does cost a lot of time. The interaction is the main reason it is so enjoyable to do. Once in a while just watch a movie and don’t review it πŸ™‚

  3. I just got back from a week-long trip to France, where I had no internet or movies or anything. I didn’t miss it, probably because we were so busy site-seeing and exploring, but now that I’m back it’s really nice to be thinking about movies again. It didn’t stress me out to let the blog take care of itself for a while, but I really enjoy reading and writing about movies, so I’m glad to be connected again.

  4. Oh I contemplate about stopping blogging all the time, and I probably would hit a time when I don’t feel like doing it as often. I totally understand how you feel Nostra, sometimes it’s nice to get away from technology for a while. I certainly would miss your blog if you stop though, so I hope you keep going πŸ™‚

    • Surprised to hear that you contemplate about it all the time. It’s the interaction with others which makes it so much fun though and you got a great blog. I probably won’t stop anytime soon, I might post a little bit less if I don’t feel the need to write, but not planning on quitting just yet.

  5. I had 18 days away on my honeymoon. Didn’t watch a single film, do a single blog or even tweet and didn’t read any movie blogs or news. I loved it. I felt liberated. But I love being connected with movie lovers so I’m sucked straight back in now. But it does feel slightly less important now I’m back.

    • Yeah, nice to get away like that! It’s so much fun talking movies with others… I have the same feeling about it not feeling as important as before my holiday.

  6. Good question.

    This past weekend was a long holiday one in the United States and I purposely did not check or write anything since we were away visiting the in-laws. Also, next week I will be away in Utah for a vacation, and plan not to be on-line.

    All that being said, I didn’t miss facebook but did miss reading the blogs I follow. I have discovered I follow quite a few blogs and realistically will not be able to catch-up.

    As for writing my blog I know I am streaky and do it when I can. I was hoping to have at least three posts for this week but most likely will not accomplish that goal. Truth is I work, have deadlines, and need to get things done before I leave the city.

    I am not concerned about it though. For those reviews I truly want to share or share quickly, I make the time for them and get it done.

    I think a blog is a tough thing to maintain and keep-up with, especially if it is not your source of income.

    • Thanks Victor, already wish you a great holiday!

      The amount of blogs I follow is insane, which I only noticed after not reading my mail for two weeks, I wasn’t able to catch up either.

  7. All the time… That’s why I’m okay with leaving the blog as it is for days. It is also why I don’t have regular features. Add to that that I’m moody, I don’t mind skipping blogging for days on end.

    • It’s also about expectations of your readers I guess. I set myself a schedule to post 5 days a week, so if I don’t do it I do feel like I didn’t deliver what people expected. If you don’t have a regular schedule people won’t mind as much…

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