Cabin in the Woods (2012)

If you’ve been reading my blog for a longer time, you know that I’m not too fond on watching horror. I wasn’t planning on watching this movie, until I saw it appearing in various lists bloggers were writing about the best movies they watched in the first half of the year. Knowing that Joss Whedon was involved I decided to give it a chance.

This is one of those movies that is best to see knowing as little as possible. I can say that it’s about a group of students who go into the woods to stay in a cabin, but that there is something strange about this cabin. The movie is filled with horror clichés, but manages to give it all a unique twist. This movie reminded me of Tucker and Dale vs Evil as it makes fun of the genre and does so in a way I really loved. I’m sure I must have missed out on a lot not knowing the genre well, but I had fun watching it.

Cabin in the Woods is not your typical horror movie and that’s the reason I really enjoyed it. The cast perfectly play the stereotype roles they are supposed to and something which I also enjoyed are the parts where Richard Jenkins appears. I would really like to say more about specific parts in this movie, but it would spoil it too much. I can say one thing though, go check this movie out if you haven’t done so yet.

Score: 8

22 thoughts on “Cabin in the Woods (2012)

  1. Nice one Nostra. I’ve a review of this myself coming soon. It was a surprisingly good movie and I’m with you on Jenkins. I love that guy man. He’s always great.

  2. I keep hearing good things about Cabin in the Woods. I usually avoid horror but I may give this one a rental. The guys in the ties make me thing this one takes an X Files detour. Thanks Nostra.

    • You should give it a try Paula, like I said in my review I generally don’t watch horror as I don’t enjoy it, but this one is one of those exceptions.

  3. Nostra, i also really enjoyed this film. Like you mention, it’s hard to really say anything about it without spoiling the fun. Jenkins and Whitford really make the movie as the guys behind the scenes.

  4. Loved the movie! It was so refreshing, funny and disturbing, very entertaining horror film and I haven’t seen many of those lately.

  5. I’m not a big fan of horror either and like so many people I went in pretty blind to it. I enjoyed Cabin in the Woods a lot, there was a lot of critiquing the horror genre and acknowledging it’s origins which I really enjoyed.

  6. I enjoyed the film but I also thought they could have kept the mystery going for a little while longer. Interesting film, but I hated the end.

  7. Aside from seeing the one trailer, I made sure not to read/see anything else. I LOVED this. Love the dialogue mostly. It’s just everything I could have hoped for in a horror film.

  8. I expected to loathe this or be bored. Whedon is often at his least bearable when he’s being arch and knowing. But against all expectation I really enjoyed it. It was genuinely clever and genuinely satirical, and genuinely a bit new.

    Though, the girl at the end really should have…well, you know the thing she didn’t do that might have been beneficial to humanity as a whole if she had.

    • I had no expectations, but because of all the positive reviews was interested in checking it out and was glad I did. Nice to hear you enjoyed it as well. I should rewatch it as I have to admit that I can’t remember what happens at the end (that’s the thing when you watch so many movies, you sometimes forget details like that ;))

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