Save the Green Planet (2003)

Being in the right mood is very important when watching a specific type of movie. Get it wrong and you can sometimes don’t like movies which you would love. After watching Save the Green Planet I wondered if it was one of those cases where it was something I should have watched with a different mindset.

Lee Byeong-gu (Ha-kyun Shin) is a man who is convinced that the earth is about to be attacked by aliens. He also knows who exactly is an alien and has targeted the boss of a big company. His plan is to capture him and interrogate him to make him confess he is. But is he crazy or one of the few ones who knows about the plans these supposed aliens have for us?
As Lee Byeong-gu is holding the boss, the police are investigating the disappearance and try to close in on his location.

The tone of the movie is a strange one as some might label this as a comedy (the main character is crazy, but one of the police officers who is investigating the case has some very unorthodox methods), but as it also contains torture. It’s a mix that didn’t sit well with me, it felt weird and made me feel uncomfortable. The fact this is also a two hour movie didn’t help as I was struggling to get through it. It’s not a movie I’d recommend if these are your first steps into Korean cinema, but if you are in the right mindset you might enjoy it more than I did.

Score: 5

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  1. I’m Korean. This movie wasn’t very famous when it was released, but it was mainly because of its marketing. Actually the critics loved it. You shouldn’t think it as just comedy as the poster says. It is comedy + thriller(+ SF, but not important). Most Koreans who watched this movie knowing that love this movie. Watching other famous Korean movies will also help enjoying this one.

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