Sound of My Voice (2011)

This is a movie which is just as mysterious as its title. Some would call it a movie about time travel or science fiction, but it really isn’t. In the same vein as Another Earth it takes a science fiction element as a background against which a very personal story is told.

The movie is about a couple (played by Christopher Denham and Nicole Vicius) of documentary makers who are making a documentary about cults. They have managed to be accepted to one and as a viewer you witness their experiences in that cult. It is led by a woman (played by Brit Marling (who also was the lead in Another Earth)) who claims she’s from the future. The couple tries to prove she isn’t, but as they take part in the various sessions, will they be able to keep their focus on their work or will they lose themselves in all the rituals?

I loved the mysterious vibe of this movie and just like the couple in this movie you slowly start to have doubts about what is true. It’s also one of those movies where everyone will have their theory about what happened. If you are looking for a slow burning movie with mystery, drama and a hint of science fiction, this is one you might like.

Score: 7
If you don’t know if this is a movie you’d like, you can watch the first 12 minutes on the official site:

21 thoughts on “Sound of My Voice (2011)

    • What disappointed you with Another Earth? I also really liked Another Earth, so you might not like this one either…but of course it is good to find out yourself.

  1. I have always been interested in this one since seeing the trailer in the movie theater. I haven’t had a chance to see this, but I really want to. Great review.

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