The Monday Question: Rob!

It’s Monday again, which means it is that time of the week where I’ll ask you to answer a question. I would like you all to use your imagination this times. You have just received an important assignment, which is to get your hand on a big sum of money. In order to do so you will have to rob a bank. This week’s question:

If you were to rob a bank, which movie characters would you pick to be in your crew?

As I’ve learned from the movies, preparing for something like this requires a lot of planning and a crew you can rely on. So a combination of brains and firepower is necessary.

For the firepower I’d choose Rambo and Dutch from Predator.

I’d also add Neil McCauley from Heat as he’s very experienced when it comes to this sort of thing and will be able to help planning this.

If we want to pull of this robbery succesful we are going to need a very good get away driver. Now there are two choices for this, either Driver from Drive or Frank Martin from the Transporter movies. Since we will need only one I’m going to go with Frank Martin.

Since you wouldn’t want a huge team this would probably be enough.

If you were to rob a bank, which movie characters would you pick to be in your crew?

32 thoughts on “The Monday Question: Rob!

  1. After seeing that one scene in The Dark Knight Rises where Selena Kyle gets out of a sticky situation from the people who wanted Bruce’s fingerprints I would love for her to be my partner in crime. Also I’d do anything and everything with Anne Hathaway 😉

  2. Since I’m Not Great With Character Names, I’ll Just Tell You The Actors And The Flicks I’m Pulling Them From.
    I’d Take De Niro AND Val Kilmer From “Heat” As They Were The Two Who Weren’t Killed During Their Heist…
    …I’d Bring De Niro’s Twin Brother De Niro AND Ed Norton From “The Score” As Those Dudes Knew How To Steal Things With The Best Of’em…
    …And I’d Bring Along Jim Carrey From “The Mask” Since He Has No Problem With Bank-Vaults Of All Shapes And SIzes! 😀
    …And As For Firepower…
    …I’ll Bring Jessie “The Body” Ventura From “Predator” Since He Carries “Ole Painless” The Gatling-Gun!!!
    Will This Do, Dude?!
    I Sure Hope So hehehe 😉

  3. Can’t answer who I would like on my team (I may need to give it some thought) but I know who I WON’T want: anyone from The Big Lebowski (it would be a mess, Walter would lose it and Donny would have a heart attack) or The Joker (he’d kill me after we get the money).

  4. Hmmmm… a very interesting question! I think I’d go for George Clooney’s Danny Ocean simply on the basis that he has managed to rob casinos so hopefully a bank will be just as easy for him! I’d take Dominic Turetto from Fast & Furious (tough and surprisingly got brains too) and then to finish off I would have to use Loki, he’d definitely be up for it and I can’t think of a more cunning mind to help me plan it!

    • I thought it would be a fun question, something different for a change. Very interesting team, Dominic would be a great getaway driver and he’d be able to help you plan it. If Loki brings along his stick there’s nothing which would be able to stop you…

  5. The Driver from Drive would be my wheel man. Man can drive! I’d love to get the guys from Ronin in as well, but I have a feeling they’d all just turn on me!

  6. Okay, Dutch is probably my favorite character of all of these. But even though he is bad to the bone, He did a lot with his team of soldiers. Rambo is a one-man army. I would pick him, send him in, let him do all the work, and get ready to retire in the Cayman Islands . You just can’t stop Rambo!

  7. Neil McCauley would definitely be my wingman with Ryan Gosling keeping the engine ticking over outside. I’d also include Clive Owen from Inside Man. He has the smarts to throw people of the scent. Solid tight working crew that. 😉

  8. Hi, Nostra and company:


    Bo Hopkins’ Jerome and his bottomless A-Bags of weaponry used in Sam Peckinpah’s ‘The Killer Elite’.


    Joe Montegna from ‘House of Games’ and Gene Hackman from ‘Heist’. Just because.


    Barry Newman’s Kowalski from ‘Vanishing Point’.
    Peter Fonda’s Crazy Larry from ‘Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry’.

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