Amour (2012)

There are some movies which you are able to appreciate for their looks and there is hardly anything you can fault, but still you end up not liking the movie. Unfortunately Amour is a movie where I had that feeling.

The story is about an elderly couple, George and Anne who still live in their own apartment. We are introduced to them in a beautiful way, as part of an audience enjoying a concert. It’s a scene which stands out because the camera shows the whole audience but still manages your eyes to drift to them. As a viewer you are pulled in their world which slowly starts to fall apart as Anne has to go to the hospital after some worrying signs. Because she’s afraid of hospitals she makes George promise that he will never take her to another one, which he does. As her health keeps deteriorating it becomes more and more difficult for him.

It’s got an interesting and moving story, is shot beautifully, the acting is amazing and still I wasn’t able to really be moved as much by it as I feel I should have. The reason it didn’t was because the tempo of the film was just too slow for my liking. You could say it shows the difficult process these elderly people have to go through and by doing it this way it gets under your skin, but it didn’t work for me. Should you see Amour? I have to say that it is worth watching if you don’t mind the speed at which it’s told.

15 thoughts on “Amour (2012)

  1. You do know I love this one, but I do see the pace can turn people away from this film. I found myself so engrossed into the characters that the movie moved by quickly for me and it’s probably been my favorite of the year (it’s between this and The Master). Nice review.

  2. Interesting to say the least, this has serious Oscar buzz. It was nice to read your take on it (I have a feeling I’ll agree with you). Really great review.

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