31 thoughts on “The Story Behind… The Walt Disney Pictures logo

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  2. Nice job with this post on a cool topic. Like Rodney mentions in his comment, it’s funny that you released this right at the time that Disney just made the giant purchase of Lucasfilm. I’m a big theme-park fan, so this subject is definitely up my alley.

  3. I love this series Nostra, and Walt Disney logo is one of my faves. I absolutely adore the 3D animation of the one you posted above w/ the fireworks. It brings back memories when I was there as a kid.

  4. Great post! This is my first introduction to your studio logos series, and I’m loving it. Gonna check the other ones out now.

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  11. I saw a site like this a few years ago that was pretty elaborate also. This is an interesting series. I’m going have to explore in depth. I just popped in from Fogs Link Bomb, I hope to make it back here again.

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  15. Does anyone know what the emblem is on the highest flag of the animated Disney castle ? It’s difficult to make out.

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