Trailer vs. Movie: Skyfall

It’s been a while since I started a new series and recently got the idea for this one. As you know trailers I don’t watch trailers at all. The reason I do so is because I think they give away too much information and therefore you run the risk of having expectations which are too high and of not being surprised when specific events happen. In “Trailer vs. Movie” I check out the trailer of a movie after I’ve watched the movie to find out how much the trailer gave away. The first trailer/movie to get this treatment is for Skyfall, the new James Bond movie (my review of the movie can be found here)

Obviously this will mean I will go into spoilers, so if you have not seen the movie don’t read any further.

The trailer:

Before I went in to see this movie I only knew one thing about it and that it was a new James Bond movie. That’s all the information I needed, so I went in completely blank.

Bond’s “death”
The trailer itself shows within the first 20 seconds the end of one of the most intense action scenes I’ve seen this year, by showing that James Bond is shot and thrown off a moving train from a very high bridge. As I was watching it in the cinema I had no idea how good of a shot she would be and if she’d manage to kill the bad guy. So this movie kills the suspense and shock of that moment before you have watched it. Although I knew he’d probably would have survived the shot and subsequent fall (because he’s James Bond after all), I did have a moment where I wondered what was going to happen.

MI6 explosion
The next big moment the trailer spoils is the explosion that destroys part of the MI6 building. Within the movie M is trying to get back to her HQ and is suddenly stopped. Like her you don’t understand why this is the case and when the building suddenly explodes it surprises you, because you feel it is one of the safest places their should be.

A big part of all the previous Bond movies was the appearance of Q. It was a moment you would be looking forward to, because you wanted to know what kind of gadgets Bond would get. With the reboot of the franchise Q disappeared, but suddenly this movie re-introduces a new one. The trailer shows who he is and even what kind of gadget Bond gets.

Now I don’t mind the introduction of the villain in this movie and the way this is done in the trailer, except for one part of the trailer near the end when we see him wearing the uniform of a police officer. It takes away some suspense in the movie as it shows in which way he will go into a hearing to get to M (which isn’t shown in the trailer).

Action scenes
Of course action helps a lot when making a trailer and this one shows a whole lot of it near the end. A lot of it you won’t be able to do much with. The one part though which takes away a big surprise is that of the subway cars falling down. That was a very unexpected moment when I saw it, but had I seen the trailer it would have been no surprise anymore.

Although the trailer is an amzing one (it really makes me want to rewatch the movie) I do think there are too many stunning moments shown in this trailer which will spoil a lot of parts I personally really enjoyed not knowing anything about. If you have not seen the movie yet I’d suggest not watching the trailer and just let yourself be surprised.

7 thoughts on “Trailer vs. Movie: Skyfall

  1. I decided to not even watch the trailer. I’ll go catch Skyfall once the hype dies down.

    ps I just shared an amazing trailer, Mr Nobody, among your favorite films, isn’t it?

    • Yeah Chris, skip the trailer and just go see the movie.

      Mr. Nobody is my second favorite film, just love the concept of it. Do check it out if you can, it’s amazing.

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    • Well, I personally am pretty strict to myself when it comes to not checking out anything about movies (apart from some pictures which might appear in my mail) so that also plays a big part in me considering things spoilers.

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