CinematiCaptions: The Hobbit edition

Terrence from The Focused Filmographer has been running one of my favorite segments of his for a while now and we agreed that we would join forces for a new installment of CinematiCaptions (you can find previous ones here)

The idea behind this is to have fun with the movie stills we as movie lovers get to see a lot before a movie finally comes out. It’s up to you to think of a funny caption (for one or all pictures), which will be added to them (including a link to your blog). No prizes are to be won (yet), but the goal is just to have fun and make fellow bloggers laugh.

This installment we decided to focus on a little movie you might have heard about called The Hobbit. Get to “captioning”!


Hey, this guy’s on the wrong set, on which sound stage were they shooting Brave again?


Maybe if I really concentrate I might be able to play a song on this.


Next on Extreme Makeover…


Yeah, I know what you are thinking about that stuff in my hair, it isn’t what you expect.

Jaina from Time Well Spent:
“For that ‘bird just had a crap on me look’ I choose bird shit in a bottle for my hair. Guaranteed to leave a residue!”


Finally managed to get that Star Wars hologram stuff working!

Leave your caption(s) in the comments!

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