The Many Faces of… Anna Kendrick

Overview of the roles of actress Anna Kendrick in her career

Anna Kendrick was born in Portland, Maine on August 9, 1985. She appeared on stage at the age of 12 in the Broadway musical High Society in August 1998. Her performance was impressive and it earned her a Tony award nomination and she won the Theatre World Award. She performed in several musicals and in 2003 she appeared in the TV show The Mayor. In the same year she also made her movie debut in the film Camp. A big audience saw her for the first time in the Twilight movies, but she was also in movies like Up in the Air, 50/50, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, End of Watch and Paranorman.

Overview of the roles of Anna Kendrick movies

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My personal favorite role of hers is the movie in which I saw her for the first time, which was Up in the Air. She was very entertaining in it and she impressed me with her performance.

What’s your favorite Anna Kendrick role?

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  2. Anna Kendrick is one of my favourite actresses at the minute. She has a wonderful talent and brings a fresh feeling to the screen which lightens up many of her movies. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance in Up in the Air and 50/50 especially!

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