23 thoughts on “My Filmviews interviews… Artist Michael Deas

    • Thank you. I think I should learn more about graphic design myself as well. Maybe that’s a goal I should also add to my list of resolutions for 2013 🙂

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  3. Hello, what a great article. I have the Columbia logo as my wallpaper on my screen.
    I absolutely love all the different eras of the logo and the Art Deco them through them. Where did you get that penciled image? I am looking for a high resolution version of the logo to enlarge and put on the wall in my theatre. Can you help?

    • That penciled image was on the website of Michael Deas. I assume Google Image Search with a filter for large images doesn’t turn up anything? I don’t know if there are posters with it available and else you might look into the possibility of getting it of a Blu Ray.

  4. No problem. I hope Vince finds a Lady Columbia image for his theater wall. I think it could make a popular poster and life-size cardboard stand-up as well. How about it Sony? If not, maybe Michael Deas could paint Princess Leia from Star Wars 0O0 (with white robe and earmuff hairstyle) or Glinda from Oz the Great and Powerful in a similar pose and sell that.

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