Move On (2012)

Review of the T-Mobile movie Move On

Last year I was invited to watch Move On, “A road movie inspired by you” according to the title. I hadn’t heard of it before, but seeing that Mads Mikkelsen was starring in it, who’s I think is great actor (as he showed in Quantum of Solace and The Hunt) I had to check it out. The reason I hadn’t heard of the movie though is because it is a movie which has been produced by T-Mobile and has been sponsored by various other companies (cars/phones etc). So is it one big commercial or an exciting movie which is worth watching?

What is unique about this movie is that the general public was able to influence the making of the movie and even got the chance to act in it. So what’s the movie about? Mad Mikkelsen is an undercover agent who is sent on his last mission. He has to transport a case from Amsterdam to the south of Europe. If he does this successfully his records will be wiped and he will no longer has any ties to the organisation he’s working for. Once he gets the case however it seems more people are after the content and he has to fight his way to his destination. It is set in various locations throughout Europe, which are mostly the countries in which T-Mobile is located.

This could have been an awesome movie, but I constantly had the feeling I was missing something from it. First of all it was emotion, I just couldn’t care much for most of the characters. A movie should be able to guide the viewer through it’s story, but I was lost several times, either because something was unclear or because it didn’t make sense. An example is a scene in which Mikkelsen’s character hides the case in the room of a hotel. That room is used by an elderly couple and he pretends he’s there to repair the airconditioning. No one else sees him going there and the briefcase is safe there. Some scenes later however the elderly couple are dead and the briefcase is missing. Things like this happened several times. The movie contains several chase scenes, which are ok to watch, but the editing in the final one left something to be desired. It was disorienting because of it, it didn’t gave a sense of the place they were running through.

My biggest issue with the movie though was that it’s not clear what the content of the briefcase is. As Pulp Fiction has shown, it is something which can work, but here it doesn’t at all. The reason is that it is the key element for the final scene of the movie and after having watched an hour and 40 minutes of film the ending just didn’t make any sense and was extremely unstatisfying. I can understand some of the idea behind the whole movie and it has some shots I really liked, but wished the execution of it would have been a lot better. I left scratching my head. Not one I recommend watching, but if you still want to you can do so below.

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  1. I hadn’t even heard of this one man. I actually like the sound of it so I may give this a go when I find the time. Nice one.

    • You should check out Jagten (The Hunt) if you can, he’s really good in that one. He’s good in this one too, but because of the messy way it’s been executed it’s harder to really start caring for his character.

  2. i loved this movie. the first time i watched it on TV and i missed the beginning so i watched it again on youtube. at the beginning of the movie it was hinted that the content of the briefcase is something that was stolen from the large hadron collider in switzerland. still, the ending of the movie remains unclear.

  3. Okay…first of all I love Mads Mikkelsen, so I may a little biased. I thought the film was great. I already knew that it was like an extended commercial for certain products because I had seen a couple of clips earlier…so I was expecting it to be so-so. The movie was better than some of the movies I have paid to see at the theater lately. It had twists and turns that you did not see coming, beautiful scenery and plenty of action that kept things moving along through the whole movie. Then ending made sense to me, for sure. There are obscure bunkers all over the world where only certain people can go. To avoid a spoiler, I will leave it at that. There was enough emotion in the movie when you understand that spies are programmed to suppress all of that for the sake of the mission. Not sure what movie the rest of you watched. I give it 7 out of 10.

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