The Many Faces of…Giovanni Ribisi

roles of actor Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni Ribisi was born on December 17, 1974 in Los Angeles. As his mother was a manager for actors and writers, he already started acting at a young age. He studied acting at The Beverly Hills Playhouse. He appeared in small roles on a lot of well-known TV shows like Married With Children, My Two Dads, Blossom, The Wonder Years, Ellen, NYPD Blue, Walker, Texas Ranger and the X-Files. His big breakthrough came when he appeared in Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. He has since appeared in many movies and TV shows including Lost in Translation, Friends, Cold Mountain, Public Enemies, Avatar, Ted and Gangster Squad.

Overview of the roles of actor Giovanni Ribisi in movies and tv

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My favorite roles are those in Boiler Room, The Rum Diary and Middle Men.

What’s your favorite Giovanni Ribisi role?

23 thoughts on “The Many Faces of…Giovanni Ribisi

  1. Great actor! I first noticed him in an episode of The X Files (D.P.O.), but i’m also impressed by his acting in Boiler Room and Contraband.
    His part in Gangster Squad is also great!

  2. Am a big fan of Mr. Ribisi! I always get a smile on my face when he turns up in films. He was great in Friends, as Phoebe’s brother. Awesome in Boiler Room, Sky Captain, Gone in 60 Seconds and Gangster Squad.

  3. I forgot he has been acting for a long time.

    He has a great face. Though he basically looks the same he is able to play anything convincingly. He is one of my favorite character actors.

    • No it isn’t Julian, I’ll have to admit that I actually didn’t know his name either but always loved it when he showed up in movies. So that was a reason for me to look at his roles with this post.

  4. He’s a good character actor, you always remember him even in bit parts. He’s sort of wasted in Gangster Squad though, but then again, most everyone was.

  5. I LOVE Ribisi. His death in Saving Private Ryan is horrific and one of the best bits in the whole film. That said I’ll always love him as Phoebe’s brother in Friends.

    He really can take any role!

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