The Many Faces of… Jessica Chastain

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Jessica Chastain was born on March 24, 1977 and raised in Northern California. She played Juliet in the stage play of Romeo and Juliet, which was staged by a professional theater company. She attended Juillard School in New York where she was a member of the drama divions. She played in several plays. She moved to California and started appearing on TV shows in 2004 (pilot for Dark Shadows, ER, Veronica Mars, Close to Home and Law & Order). She made the move to movies and has since acted in movies like The Help, The Tree of Life, Texas Killing Fields, The Debt, Lawless and Zero Dark Thirty.

Overview of the roles of actress Jessica Chastain in movies and TV shows

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What’s your favorite Jessica Chastain role?

14 thoughts on “The Many Faces of… Jessica Chastain

    • Yeah, I didn’t know her before that either and she’s been putting in steady work. I don’t think she’s as out there (publicity wise) as much as other actresses, which I really like.

  1. I think she is one of the few who could have thrived in classic Hollywood. One thing I haven’t really seen her in is a comedy, but i’ve only seen 3 of her films.

    • Can’t remember much anymore from Tree of Life (wasn’t a fan of the movie), I was surprised that it was her in The Help, I had seen the movie, but not recognised her.

  2. I have been very impressed by Chastain over the past couple of years, and while she did a good job in Zero Dark Thirty, my fave role of hers still is in The Help.

    Great choice this week. She is so fantastic. I liked her in Take Shelter too (not a lot of people have seen that one)

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