Somewhere in Time (1980)

Review of the time travel movie Somewhere in Time (1980)

Most people (like myself) will mainly know Christopher Reeve from his work in the various Superman movies and the horse riding accident which left him paralysed till he died in 2004. I had not seen him act outside of his role as Superman, so I was interested to check out some of his other work. When I read that this was a time travel movie, the decision was easily made which one I would watch.

Review of the time travel movie Somewhere in Time (1980)

Reeve plays Richard Collier, a succesful playwright, who is approached by a very old woman. She gives him a watch and tells him to come back to her. Although he thinks it is weird, he doesn’t do much with it until years later, when he’s suffering from writer’s block, he decides to check into a hotel. When he sees a picture of a woman in the hotel he slowly becomes obsessed by her, trying to find all the information he can about her. He wants to meet her and hypnotises himself to go back into time and meet her.

Review of the time travel movie Somewhere in Time (1980)

I’ve seen quite a lot of time travel movies, but this was the first one where the main character travelled by just wanting to do it. It was original and Reeve plays the role in a very entertaining way. The movie itself is sweet and syrupy and very romantic, so I’m sure not everyone will enjoy it. Personally though I has a great time with it and if you are looking for a romantic time travel movie you can’t go wrong with Somewhere in Time.

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  1. This might not be the best time travel movies but it’s certainly one of the most heart-wrenching-ly romantic ones. I listed this as one of Christopher Reeve’s best roles, he’s got such an earnest screen presence and great chemistry with the lovely Jane Seymour.

  2. My first “date” with my husband, he came over to my place and brought this movie with him. Very romantic πŸ™‚ Time Travel, deathless love and Rachmaninoff. Improbable? Maybe. But what a great date movie!

  3. I caught up with Somewhere in Time when I did a time-travel marathon a few years ago, and I wasn’t a big fan. The costume design and sets were well done, and I did enjoy the goofy way that he traveled back in time. However, I just found it slow and pretty dull when you get beyond the concept. Even so, I do know that it has quite a following.

  4. Hi, Nostra and company:

    Ruth nailed it!

    Great story, plot, chemistry, sets, surroundings and costuming.

    Better chemistry than Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman in ‘Kate & Leopold’.

    Excellent choice, my friend.

    PS: Drop by Ruth’s.

    • Thanks a lot Jack. I assume the Walter Matthau post you did, I saw the past but haven’t found time yet to read it all, looking forward to it though as he’s one of my favorite actors.

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