The Monday Question: Slogan!

Last week’s question about what makes your blog unique was a very popular one and one which seemed to be food for thought for some. It is the reason why I will ask a related question about your blog this week. As you can see up top, My Filmviews has a slogan. I have had it for quite a while and it boils down the essence of my blog. Although I’m thinking of rewriting it slightly I am quite happy with it, because every visitor can immediately see what this blog is all about.

If you site has (or would have) a slogan, what would it be?

19 thoughts on “The Monday Question: Slogan!

  1. “Movies that suck? Not on my watch”

    Been using it since the dawn of my blog. I know it sounds dull…but, I mean…you asked. He he

    • Well, it’s a good slogan, letting your readers know that you look at quality films (at least that what I get out of that slogan)

      • Just weary of the plague of stupidity sweeping the world. So many people seem to be so proud of knowing nothing … while determined to spread their ignorance and wave it like a flag. That yummy combination of strong opinions and utter ignorance is ruining so much for so many.

  2. I should add mine to the header… FlixChatter – incessantly chattin’ about movies 😀

    p.s. the second Walter Matthau post from Jack Deth is up soon.

    • Hahaha, you are and I do not mind that at all.

      I have seen it is up, just have not come around to it yet, my backlog just keeps growing and it is really starting to bother me…

  3. Well my blog is called Screenkicker so the slogan is:

    ‘Sticking it’s boot into the world of movies’

    I’ll be honest, I came up with the slogan first then built a title around it!

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