The 5 Obstructions blogathon: Obstruction 1

The 5 Obstructions blogathon

Finally the day has come that the 5 Obstructions blogathon is kicking off. I know a lot of you are itching to get started and challenge yourself, so the wait is over. If you want to know more about this blogathon, you can find all the details here and join in!

So what will be the first obstruction? I decided to start off with a fairly easy one:

The 5 Obstructions blogathon

As a reviewer you always write down your own opinion about the movies you watch. This obstruction forces you to watch a movie differently and write a review opposite of your true feelings about it. It means you need a different mindset and should be open to the good or bad things of a movie you might sometimes not think about too much. The review you will be writing for this first obstruction needs to have valid points to support the positive or negative review you are writing. Someone who has not seen the movie and who reads the review and then watches the movie should at least be able to understand why you reviewed it like that.

You will have till the 30th of June to write your post for this first obstruction (the second one will appear on July 1st). Please leave the link to your post in the comments. I will create an overview post of the blogs who are participating in this blogathon so others can check out your entries. Good luck with this first obstruction and I’m looking forward to reading your reviews! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Join the following blogs who already confirmed their interest in participating:

53 thoughts on “The 5 Obstructions blogathon: Obstruction 1

  1. This is such a great idea and I’m really excited to get started on it! Should be a pretty big challenge.
    I actually have a question about the rules though. In the documentary they had to remake the same film five times, right? So do we have to do five posts on the same movie? “Remake” the review five times so to speak? Sorry if this was obvious and I missed something, but it had me a bit confused.

    • Thanks a lot Hunter, good luck with the first obstruction.

      I have thought about it, but it doesn’t need to be the same movie each time. You can do it if you want to, but although challenging my main goal is that everyone also has fun participating in it.

  2. Oh man… uhm.. now I have something to think about every night I fall asleep but I guess I’ll have to think about something I hate. Boo! Nice obstruction though! 😉

    • Hahaha, well, some mental exercise before going to bed then 😉 This challenge is a good reason though to rewatch a movie you love…but then it is hard to see what is bad about it. Maybe it is easier to see the good points in a bad movie…although I’m not sure that is true.

    • Well, you could do that, but you could make it more challengin and you will have some trouble with some upcoming obstructions. If you don’t want to put longer reviews on the site (which I can understand since your concept is 140 characters) you could also mail your review and publish it, which you can then link to from your blog (and of course I’ll add a link to yours (like I also did in this post)

  3. This one sounds interesting, so yeah, I’m in. Shoot me an email offline and let me know if there are any specifics to posting or sharing the article as part of the broader blogathon.

  4. Hi Nostra!! Sorry I’m late to this but I’d like to still participate if that’s ok. I’ll try to get Obstruction 1 posted by sometime next week.

    • You are not late Ruth, I just posted the first obstruction this weekend, so you have till the end of the month till provide your review for this one. I’m currently waiting for the first ones coming in. Will be keeping an eye out for yours!

  5. Nostra,

    Well, I came across this-, I don’t remember how now, I think through Dan Heaton’s blog, but anyway, after being up all night struggling with a screenplay, and switching between DVDs of “Top Chef” and “Arrested Development” on Netflix, for some reason, I wrote a negative review of “Manhattan”. So, I guess I’m asking if I can still participate in this “Five Obstructions blogathon”. It seems like a waste now that I wrote it, although “waste” would accurately describe the script I was writing too…-, but anyway, if I can get the review up, by next week, can I participate? Seems like a cool challenge and I need to do more of these things anyway. Alright, I’m either gonna sleep of watch more “Top Chef” right now, either way, wake me up when you reply. Thanks.

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  7. I know it’s late in the month but I only discovered this blogathon recently and I’m eager to participate in it. It sounds like an awesome idea for a blogathon. I’ll write something in the next week or so.

    • Hi Leith, welcome to My Filmviews and thank you for participating. I have added your review to the overview post. The next obstruction will be up on Monday and I look forward to see what you will do with that one.

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